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And you won't need all the toys to 100% everything. LEGO Dimensions working to a three-year plan Downloadable content will come to all platforms at the same time. Fallout 4 won't feature timed exclusive DLC Any new handheld would have to compete with tablets and smartphones. Sony boss rules out a new PlayStation Vita LEGO Dimensions, Disney Infinity, Skylanders and Nintendo's amiibo battle for Christmas supremacy. Which interactive gaming toys do you choose? Like a Giggsy or Scholes, Pro Evo seems to be getting better with age. PES 2016 review: A credible rival to FIFA Ready to attempt Mass Effect all over again? Read on... How playing 360 games on Xbox One works Virtual footy fans will have to continue to make their own edits for the time being. PES 2016 roster won't be updated until October Boost your strength, agility, charisma and more with the game's colourful perks system. Find out more about Fallout 4's perks Toy Box creations can be shared with PS4, PS3, Xbox one, Xbox 360 and Wii U users. Disney Infinity Toy Box 3.0 comes to mobiles Got a PS4, Xbox One or PC? These are the three multiplayer maps you're looking for. Star Wars Battlefront beta is coming soon Want extra coins and card packs? These tips will help you increase your earnings and build better teams. 6 ways to master FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Valiant Hearts will also be free on Xbox One. Games for Gold lineup confirmed for October EA surveys fans about the possibility of an "all you can play service". Is EA working on a Netflix for games? The latest Clueless Gamer episode also features a game of "Skate move or sexual position?". Watch Conan O'Brien play Tony Hawk 5 Guide Rick Grimes and his band of survivors to safety, and all for under £15. The Escapists: Walking Dead out next week Ingest the golden peyote plant to transform into Sasquatch. Bigfoot is on the loose in GTA 5 Staring at the screen in Steve McClaren-esque confusion? Here's how to master the new features. FIFA 16 guide: 6 tips to take you to the top A jeep and a ton of smoke bombs is all you need for some stealth. You don't need silence for stealth in Metal Gear And Stone Cold Steve Austin raises hell in his very own Showcase mode. Terminator makes WWE 2K16 debut in trailer Let's hope it goes better than last time... Arkham Knight returns to PC in coming weeks It features an ember orange logo on a Jet Black chassis, as well as coloured power and eject buttons. Check out this slick Black Ops 3 PS4 console Konami is "definitely working on console games" for its biggest franchises. Konami hasn't ditched triple-A development Despite the title, the multiplayer shooter actually takes place after Umbrella has been destroyed. When does Resident Evil Umbrella Corps take place? But virtual footy fans have to work a little harder for those sublime goals. FIFA 16 review: Unmatched authenticity Fun fact: Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car is the first game in which Sonic speaks. Rare Sonic the Hedgehog game found in mall Selling 57% on PS4, it's Activision's first number one since Advanced Warfare. Destiny: Taken King outsells Forza and PES The price was just slashed in Japan, after all. Xbox boss predicts imminent PS4 price cut All three games and DLC? We hope so. Is BioShock trilogy coming to Xbox One, PS4? Gamers will be able to remap buttons, and swap components next month. Xbox One Elite pad gets a release date We don't remember Han Solo being covered in sprinkles. Force is strong with Star Wars Pop Tarts 23" TV and second screen ahoy. New BA cabins are more swish than your living room The opening day victory against Fiji peaks with 9.26 million. 7.56m watch England open Rugby World Cup The virtual reality device will launch with more than ten games if all goes to plan. PlayStation VR to cost the same as a console Is that it for Metal Gear and Silent Hill? Has Konami ditched triple-A game development? Slick passing and exclusive licences see Konami's footy game score a few past its rival. 5 things PES 2016 does that FIFA doesn't Where'd we put our Game Boy Advance? Nintendo! This 8-bit Splatoon needs to happen Certain players risk eligibility to NCAA schools by featuring in the football sim. FIFA 16 to remove 13 female players The Wii U launch lineup is looking increasingly barren this Christmas. Star Fox Zero delayed until 2016 on Wii U Could Sora, Mickey, and company team up with Marvel and Star Wars characters? Kingdom Hearts 3: Everything you need to know Karin Kanzuki was last seen in Street Fighter Alpha 3, where she was the rival of Sakura. Watch Street Fighter 5 newbies in action