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Check out trailers for this week's biggest new games, including Resident Evil HD. What games are out this week? German researchers create an alive and "somewhat" intelligent version of Mario. What if Mario could think for himself? The discount code is Sony's way of apologising for the PSN outages over Christmas. Sony issuing PSN discount codes this week Users who sign up for the new scheme will receive Flipnote Studio 3D. Club Nintendo closing down later this year Reverse boosting involves killing yourself in order to be paired with lesser players. Call of Duty issuing 'reverse boosting' bans The GAME lock-ins kick off at the end of January. Bloodborne, The Order 1886 playable at GAME The turn-based strategy game features cross-connectivity with Beyond Earth. Sid Meier's Starships announced for PC The iconic survival horror game still scares us after all these years. Resident Evil HD remake review ★★★★☆ Driveclub users can check out the brand new multiplayer time trial. Driveclub update adds free Japan DLC FIFA 15 overtakes Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in second. GTA 5 tops sales chart for sixth week Twitch user Kahmuhl is the first person to beat the game in less than 50 minutes Dark Souls fan sets new speedrun record Techland says the decision to delay the physical release was made by the publisher. Dying Light delayed at retail in Europe We rank the survival horror series ahead of Resident Evil remake's re-release. Ranking the Resident Evil game series The arrival of Katie Price boosts Celebrity Big Brother's weekly ratings. CBB: Shock Arrival watched by 2.9 million 505 now owns the game, as well as related trademarks and domain names. 505 Games buys rights to A Tale of Two Sons Xbox 360 users are having issues downloading games and using apps. Xbox 360 games vanish from online store Vlad the Impaler, Blackbeard and Shakespeare all appear in the launch trailer. Saints Row 'Gat out of Hell' launch trailer Creative director Jonathan Morin wants to "appeal to fans in a new way". Watch Dogs 2 to 'carry on taking risks' Solid Snake, Pyramid Head and Lara Croft all appear in the top ten. Crash named most iconic PlayStation mascot Madden NFL 15 and Destiny chart in second and third. Call of Duty tops US sales chart for 2014 The free-to-play brawler features over-the-top characters and super moves. WWE Immortals out now on iOS, Android Users can also unlock new primary weapons, a ship and shader. Destiny: Crota's End hard mode dated Heists will make their console debut before the game is released on PC. GTA Heists launching in the 'coming weeks' Rockstar also reveals the game's PC system requirements. GTA 5 delayed until March on PC Steam is removing support for automatic key code redemption. Humble Bundle keys require manual redemption Salvage Challenge asks players to complete a series of ten challenges without dying. Alien Isolation adds new character, game mode Gaming: Rise of the Cyber Athlete will be broadcast this Thursday on Radio 5 Live. BBC 5 Live asks: 'Is gaming a sport?' Players will no longer be able to disconnect to make the Crota battle easier. Destiny issues first major update of 2015 The company also announces plans for Kevin Bruner to replace Dan Connors as CEO. Telltale making original, unlicensed game The upcoming Nintendo Direct conference will focus on games coming out this spring. Wii U, 3DS Nintendo Direct for January 14 Created by PC modder 'Pao', the unofficial first-person mode will be continually updated. Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes goes first-person Andy Serkis's villainous character of Gisborne can be heard at the trailer's conclusion. Watch the new Volume gameplay trailer Evolution posts an image of a race course shrouded by cherry blossom trees. Driveclub teases rumoured Japanese DLC The trailer asks how far players will go to earn their patch. Sons of Anarchy game given first trailer Check out trailers for this week's biggest new gaming releases, including Evolve's beta. What games are out this week? One speedrunner attempted Ocarina of Time's Child Dungeons while blindfolded. Video game speedrunning event raises $1.5m Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and FIFA 15 chart in second and third. GTA 5 returns to top of sales chart The asymmetrical multiplayer game pits a team of survivors against Jason Voorhees. Friday the 13th video game in development Users are allowed to capture footage and stream on sites like Twitch. Microsoft confirms monetisation policies CBB: Nomination Face-off picked up 1.78 million viewers at 10pm. Friday's CBB watched by 2.16m on Channel 5