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We take a look back at the Nintendo Game Boy, 25 years on from its release. Nintendo's Game Boy turns 25 today Full Metal Jacket star R Lee Ermey lends his voice to the military shooter. CoD: Ghosts gets 'Drill Instructor' pack Secure Axcess, LLC accuses the gaming giant of infringing on its patents. Nintendo hit by Wii U patent lawsuit Android gaming console introduces a raft of new features via its latest update. Ouya Chupacabra system update released Cross-Buy title will be compatible with PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita. Cel Damage HD for PSN release next week Move may have been implemented to combat an item-duplicating exploit. Elder Scrolls Online suspends guild banks Square Enix sequel given a listing by the German USK ratings board. Final Fantasy III listed for PC release Android handset more fragile than its rival despite being made of plastic. Galaxy S5 'less durable than iPhone 5S' Digital Spy rounds up this week's biggest mobile apps for iOS and Android. Best new mobile apps for iOS, Android Prospective buyers can try on dummy units of the headset in their own homes. Google Glass home try-on scheme launched Users will be served personalised news, weather, flights and stock updates. Bing update adds Google Now-esque cards The latest entry in the LEGO series is an unexceptional journey. LEGO: The Hobbit reviewed - our verdict A 19-year-old is accused of hacking into the Canadian Revenue Agency. Heartbleed bug: First hacker arrested Tablet chargers can lose their coating, leaving electric wires exposed. Nokia Lumia 2520 chargers recalled Some users are bombarded with spam emails due to a mailing list error. Virgin apologises for email spam debacle Audio company is making its hi-fi speaker systems more wireless. Sonos update ends reliance on bridge Photography application brings Nexus camera features to new devices. Google Camera hits all KitKat devices Summer firmware update to add CarPlay support to five Pioneer systems. Pioneer in-car systems add Apple CarPlay Photograph of the Android smartphone's golden packaging appears online. LG G3 packaging shot hints at gold model Google lets Android users remotely access PC and Macs via its latest app. Chrome Remote Desktop app hits Android Microsoft's first universal apps for PC and Windows Phone touch down online. Windows stores add first universal apps An image of what is claimed to be a batch of iPhone 6 batteries appears online. iPhone 6 battery appears in photo leak? Samsung Book Deals offers Galaxy device owners 12 free ebooks per year. Samsung Galaxy devices get new Kindle app Streaming giant becomes a games retailer by offering Nuclear Throne. Twitch TV service begins selling games Study also finds that 17% of all games have been played for less than an hour. Third of Steam games go unplayed - study Retail trial between GAME and Microsoft is hailed as a success. GAME London Xbox store closes this month Device's fingerprint security can be bypassed using a special rubber mould. Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner flaw outed Google's ambitious venture could see its first devices land early next year. Project Ara targets January launch date French TV station launches a major new social platform around its core channel. Broadcaster Canal+ launches Social Player Korean company pledges to release new products in the second half of the year. Samsung promises new-look Galaxy Note 4 Leading smartphone makers enter a pact to protect handset owners against theft. Future phones to include anti-theft switch UK retailers report record sales of the Korean firm's new Android smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S5 day-one sales double S4 Sky content can be accessed by via icons contained in the broadcaster's tweets. Sky launches #WatchOnSky Twitter tool A leaked image of what is claimed to be Apple's next smartphone appears online. iPhone 6 photo suggests 4.7-inch screen The online collaboration service goes multi-platform with its iTunes launch. Google Helpouts advice app hits iPhone Skyrim and Dishonored expansions have their price slashed by 75%. Xbox Spring Sale offers DLC discounts All six employees at the Mumbai base are said to have been laid off. Square Enix closes India studio Bandai Namco confirms Dark Souls 2 physical version on PC is delayed in UK. Dark Souls 2 PC release delayed in UK Analyst claims Apple has held talks with networks about a price hike. iPhone 6 'may cost more than iPhone 5S' Maths teacher charged £2.6k to download a Neil Diamond record due to roaming charges. Neil Diamond fan billed £2.6k for album