Mark Langshaw

Microsoft announces a second wave of devices for its operating system trial. Windows 10 preview coming more phones Cook "deeply disappointed" the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was passed. Apple's Tim Cook hits out at anti-gay law Handset said to include "laser focus fingerprint identification system". OnePlus Two for advanced finger scanner? Report says there were proposals to kill the snooping programme in early 2013. NSA considered ending phone surveillance Apple Watch Edition buyers can skip queues and speak to experts by video link. What perks come with the £8k Apple Watch? Refreshed models of the Roku 2 and Roku 3 leaked by North American retailers. Roku expected to announce new TV boxes HTC's next handset is rumoured to be its first with a Quad HD display. Could this be the HTC One M9+ phablet? The April content update will address issues with matchmaking and ranking. Halo collection update improves matchmaking Vault space will increase to 24 for armour and items, and 36 for weapons. Destiny update to expand vault space Seattle event sells its initial ticket allocation in just six minutes. Dota 2 Championships has now sold out Disney Interactive teaser shows the game running on an Apple handset. DuckTales: Remastered for iPhone teased A fight circle takes over an entire city in the TV spot for Mortal Kombat X. Watch the TV spot for Mortal Kombat X We revisit PC classic RollerCoaster Tycoon on the eve of its 16th anniversary. RollerCoaster Tycoon turns 16 years old Smartphone maker reports profits of $28m compared to losses of $148m last year. BlackBerry posts surprise quarterly profit Third-party Telescope application lets users watch live Periscope streams. How to access Periscope on Windows Phone Mark Zuckerberg's drones complete test flights over the UK. Facebook drones tested in UK airspace Google-owned video service compiles a playlist showcasing its new capabilities. YouTube footage now comes in 4K at 60fps The first iOS apps add Apple Watch compatibility ahead of the device's launch. What's the first Apple Watch gaming app? Reports suggest Windows Phone developers are testing Android apps on the OS. Android apps for Windows 'being tested' Taiwanese firm's tablet is said to be an 8.9-inch offering with high-end specs. Will HTC launch a new tablet next month? An engineer with the phone maker may have spilt the beans on social media. OnePlus appears to be working on a drone Web giant lose a Court of Appeal bid to prevent Safari users from suing them. Google faces lawsuit from Safari users Service is a Spotify alternative geared towards electronic dance music fans. Beatport launches iOS and Android apps Flagship handset appears to feature a larger display and stylus support. Could this be the LG G4 smartphone? Apple CEO says the majority of his $800m fortune will be donated before he dies. Tim Cook to donate fortune to charity Company pays the penalty for failing to spot accounts on the US sanctions list. PayPal fined $7.7m by the US government Former Radio 1 DJ is reportedly tasked with reconfiguring the service for Apple. Zane Lowe to head up new iTunes Radio? HTC executive is quoted as saying that the feature is coming to future phones. Is HTC interested in wireless charging? Samsung reportedly reinstating microSD and the removable back for the S6 Active. Galaxy S6 Active to bring back microSD? Customers will be able to test drive the wearable at Apple Stores in the UK. Apple Watch appointments start April 10 Red Button+ grants users direct access to iPlayer content, news and live streams. BBC is revamping Red Button service Asus-manufactured set-top box is available through Google Play for £79. Google Nexus Player launches in the UK Reports suggest a plastic-bodied iPhone 6C with a 4-inch screen is in the works. Will Apple release three iPhones in 2015? iPhone and iPad application allows users to live stream video over Twitter. Twitter streaming app Periscope hits iOS Microsoft is reportedly working on an affordable replacement for the Surface 2. Microsoft tipped to phase out Surface 2 Instagram's new collages app and YouTube rival Vessel feature in our round-up. 9 must-have apps for your mobile device Technology giants expand their mobile partnership to cover more devices. Microsoft apps due on more Samsung devices O2 users will have early access to Peep Show, Fresh Meat and Made in Chelsea. O2 customers get Channel 4 content early Google is awarded a patent for self-driving cars with airbags on the outside. Self-driving cars get external airbags? Taiwanese firm expected to announce a larger version of the HTC One M9. HTC to launch another 'One' next month