Mark Langshaw

Apple Music and the official Wimbledon 2015 app feature in this week's round-up. 9 awesome apps you should try right now Advice to help you become the hero Gotham deserves.
7 tips to help you master Arkham Knight French company reveals its second-generation line-up of Minidrones. Parrot's Hydrofoil drones make a splash Third-party app lets users watch YouTube footage on their smartwatch. YouTube videos come to Android Wear Reddit moderators rally in support of ousted director Victoria Taylor. Reddit mods revolt after director departs Operator apparently failed to abide by Ofcom's latest code of practice. EE fined £1m for mishandling complaints Digital watch giant to launch a connected timepiece in 2016. Casio is dabbling in smartwatches Microsoft will roll out the update in waves to avoid overloading its servers. Not everyone will get Windows 10 at launch Austrian court says it does not have the authority to hear the case. Facebook handed boost in privacy lawsuit Motorola-made handset is now available from £304 in the UK. Nexus 6's price slashed on Google Play Expect to see Google search ads appearing on Yahoo's desktop and mobile apps. Yahoo, Google trialling search partnership Taiwanese company could be working on the ultimate cameraphone. Is HTC already working on its next phone? Foxconn employee claims to have insider information about the new handset. iPhone 6S tipped for 4K video recording Tech firm's latest iOS update adds features, but also takes them away. Apple drops Home Sharing for music Users can pay £4.99 per month to access Lifetime, History, Gold and more. TVPlayer takes on Sky with premium option Users no longer have to press and hold down on the screen throughout clips. Snapchat drops press-and-hold interface Hyundai's Apple Watch app lets users control their car with their voice. Control your Hyundai car via Apple Watch Newsfeed video advertisements were only the beginning. Facebook plans to serve ads between videos On-board Qualcomm LTE chip enables faster connectivity with less energy drain. iPhone 6S has 'improved battery and LTE' Fitbit appears to be doing just fine in a post-Apple Watch world. Fitbit trackers are outpacing Apple Watch Man suspected of piloting the drone involved hands himself in to police. US woman knocked unconscious by drone Meet the new logo. Almost the same as the old logo. Did you spot Facebook's new logo? Someone's found a workaround solution to the lack of Apple Music on Android. A Beats 1 Android stream is already out Honor smart band offers life-tracking features and a minimalist design. Huawei teases Honor Band Zero wearable Android firm scrambles to amend the app after it is caught up in racism controversy. Google Photos tags black people as 'gorillas' The G4 S is said to offer premium design at a budget price. LG G4 looks set for yet another variant British speaker maker launches its first set of Bluetooth headphones. Bowers & Wilkins' P5 cans go wireless Microsoft's 4G-ready tablet will be available to business customers on O2 first. Surface 3 LTE model hits the UK this month Ofcom rules that 0800 and 0808 calls should never charge. Freephone numbers now free on mobiles Social network gives off the impression that it's building Skynet. Facebook's new AI is 'better than humans' Electronics giant is experimenting with its own version of Kickstarter. Sony dabbling in crowdfunding in Japan Leaked photographs suggest Apple is sticking to the same design as before. Is this our first look at the iPhone 6S? Trent Reznor says he wanted to recreate the feel of a vintage record shop. Reznor: Apple Music like an indie record shop Tiny Twitch makes Pong look like The Witcher 3. The game whose code fits into a tweet The man who helped launch text messaging dies after an illness. SMS pioneer Matti Makkonen dies, aged 63 Taxi operator agrees to acquire a portion of Microsoft's mapping arm. Uber flags down Microsoft to buy Bing Maps Get recommendations from Meghan Trainor, Fall Out Boy, Pitbull and more. What are the musicians tagging on Shazam? Retailer launches its extra-speedy Prime Now service in London. Amazon one-hour deliveries arrive in UK OnePlus says its biometric system is markedly faster than Apple's Touch ID. OnePlus 2 fingerprint scanner confirmed Use your voice, text and data allowance in any EU country from June 2017. No more roaming fees from June 2017