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A new add-on pack sees the rapper narrate multiplayer action in Call of Duty Ghosts. Snoop Dogg to narrate Call of Duty The challenging platformer will deliver on the features the team always wanted. Why N++ will be the "definitive" sequel Watch trailers for this week's biggest releases, including FIFA World Cup Brazil. Gaming releases out this week Watch us play Mercenary Kings live on PS4 at 3:05pm (UK time). Follow Digital Spy on Twitch New game from Max and the Magic Marker studio has players control two characters at once. New Xbox exclusive platformer due this year The mobile version is available to download for £1.99 / $2.99. Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 out now on iOS After The Last of Us for PS4, what other 360 and PS3 games deserve a next-gen makeover? Games we want to see on PS4, Xbox One The next game from Bastion studio launches on PS4 and PC this spring. Transistor release date announced The 3DS game gives personalities to Miis, which come to life in unpredictable ways. Bizarre Tomodachi Life comes to Europe The PS4 exclusive is the fastest-selling entry in the open-world series. Infamous on PS4 sells 1m copies in 9 days The crowdfunded Obsidian role-playing game not a good fit for a controller, says CEO. Pillars of Eternity unlikely for consoles The remastering offers improved visuals, all DLC and new developer commentary. Last of Us Remastered confirmed for PS4 Follow Digital Spy on Twitch for future gaming live streams. Follow Digital Spy on Twitch "There's fewer Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4s than we sold copies of Borderlands 2," says Randy Pitchford. Why new Borderlands isn't on PS4, Xbox One Play as Claptrap and work for Handsome Jack in an adventure set before Borderlands 2. The new Borderlands heads to the moon The Robin Hood-adapted stealth adventure will be released when it's ready. Mike Bithell's Volume could slip into 2015 Why smarter enemies in Mike Bithell's stealth game Volume "pisses everyone off". Why predictable enemies make Volume better How Not a Hero makes the cover shooter more pure and punishing. Hands-on with OlliOlli creator's 2D shooter Watch the first trailer of the martial arts legend in action. EA Sports UFC trailer reveals Bruce Lee We ask trade body UKIE what tax breaks for UK-made games means for consumers. What do games tax breaks mean for you? Updated YouTube app has added functionality, including pinning of individual videos. YouTube video uploads coming to Xbox One Watch trailers for this week's biggest gaming releases, including LEGO The Hobbit. Gaming releases out this week The martial arts legend can be obtained instantly on pro-order or earned on career mode. Bruce Lee to feature in EA Sports UFC The EA game has seen a total of 11 weeks at the top spot, a feat only managed by four other games. Elder Scrolls beaten by FIFA in UK charts From dancing mobile games to spinning limousines, here's eight unique indie games. 8 surprising indie games from GDC, Rezzed Sony Online compares the ambitious game to virtual worlds seen in Ready Player One. EverQuest 'wants you to spend life in-game' See why this "small, broken and stupid game" has taken the Internet by storm. Is Goat Simulator the oddest game ever? We played the PS4 version of Towerfall Ascension live on Twitch. Follow Digital Spy on Twitch The best pranks from April Fools Day, including a Mega Drive virtual reality headset. Best April Fools pranks in gaming Watch trailers for this month's biggest releases, including LEGO The Hobbit. 10 biggest gaming releases for April Next-gen editions have most weapons, the biggest story and all-new console features. Worms on PS4, Xbox One the "biggest" yet Flockers is the first new franchise from Team 17 in over a decade. Worms team's new Lemmings-style puzzle game Rocksteady provides insight into Batman Arkham Knight's bigger world and Batmobile. Why Batman Arkham Knight went bigger Prodigy uses NFC technology for an Unreal Engine 4 tactical role-playing game. Figurine role-playing game revealed Facebook buys the virtual reality firm as it prepares for "the platforms of tomorrow". Facebook buys virtual reality firm Oculus Both consumers and manufacturers can create their own Ouya consoles within six months. Consumers to make their own Ouya boxes Jane Jensen will skip more remakes and instead create a new fourth instalment. Jensen hopes to make Gabriel Knight 4 Atari assures "diehard" fans that a separate PC experience is coming. Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 on PC is "different" Koji Igarashi wants to make new Metroidvania games now he's independent. Ex-Castlevania producer wants new games BioShock creator says linear narrative doesn't embrace "unique power of games" at GDC. Why Ken Levine is dropping linear stories