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The BAFTA-nominated zombie drama returns to screens next month. In The Flesh: Find out when it's back Lucien Laviscount leads the cast as hunter Ennis Roth. Supernatural spinoff - First look Capaldi's villain will meet his demise off-screen. The Musketeers to kill off Peter Capaldi The cult series will return to UK screens later this month. Orphan Black season 2 UK date announced Gervais reveals that he is deciding whether to write a full series or a special. Gervais's Derek to get third series? Three years on from the last episode, should we accept that Torchwood is dead? Torchwood: Is it time to let it go? Sorkin says that there has been an "misunderstanding" regarding his motives. Aaron Sorkin apologises for The Newsroom Cuse claims that the "valuable" Lost franchise will be revamped. Lost will be rebooted, says Carlton Cuse Why is the UK lacking an animated hit on the scale of The Simpsons? Will UK ever have an adult cartoon hit? Christopher Chulack also reveals the fate of a key character in the cop drama. Southland 'could return for movie' Will Peter Davison's Henry Sharpe fall victim to a vengeful gunman? Law & Order: UK: Stunning new promo Cuse argues that the show wrapped up "a lot of the biggest mysteries". Lost: We couldn't tie up every loose end The sitcom has proven unpopular with critics amid accusations of sexism. Mixology to get season 2 renewal at ABC? Noah Wyle returns in action-packed promo for the next 12-part run. Falling Skies season 4 - new trailer Really will star the pair as two best friends living in Chicago. Sarah Chalke, Selma Blair for new sitcom Cory's old high school bully will reappear in Disney Channel's new follow-up. Boy Meets World sequel: Who has joined? Ian Gomez signs up for a new sitcom role in the pilot Cuz-Bros. Cougar Town future uncertain? Godliman and co-star Holli Dempsey discuss the response to the first series. Derek stars talk series 1 reaction Martin Freeman dissects the difficult path that lies ahead for Lester Nygaard. Martin Freeman talks Fargo episode 1 Are these the finest shows to spring from BBC Two in 50 years? BBC Two's Greatest Shows - Have your say Gervais explains that he wrote out "nervous" Pilkington from his Channel 4 show. Gervais talks Karl Pilkington Derek exit Fargo star Freeman reveals which bad guys he hates to love. Martin Freeman: Favourite TV Anti-Heroes Deathlok is unleashed, but a whodunnit plot is at this episode's heart. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD episode 16 recap Freeman reveals the latest on shooting dates for the new series. Martin Freeman talks Sherlock series 4 Five of BBC Two's finest shows that deserve another shot at success. 5 shows that should come back to BBC Two Freeman says Lester Nygaard is one of the best characters he's ever played. Martin Freeman: Reinventing Fargo for TV Downton Abbey actress talks going Cornish for BBC One's new drama. Jessica Brown Findlay talks Jamaica Inn Gervais says that he has tried to leave "cynicism" behind in his work. Gervais: I'm to blame for cynical comedy Britain's favourite crime solver will be revealed by Channel 5. Is Sherlock UK's favourite detective? Digital Spy has an exclusive first look at the new series. Derek series 2: Watch new clip Super soldiers and fallen families in the superhero drama's latest. Arrow season 2 'Man Under the Hood' recap More of your telly queries resolved and those all-important air dates. Parks and Rec, Veep: Tube Talk Q&A Riley's episode is rumoured to be based on the legend of Robin Hood. Doctor Who series 8 - new pictures Baker reveals plans were afoot to reunite him on-screen with Elisabeth Sladen. Tom Baker: SJA guest stint was mooted Baker reveals his favourite period of Doctor Who from his 7-year tenure. Tom Baker remembers classic Doctor Who Baker tells Digital Spy that he "greatly admires" the new star of Doctor Who. Tom Baker open to Doctor Who return Gervais talks his plans for a new mockumentary starring his Office character. Ricky Gervais talks David Brent return Jack Kenny admits that he is keen to produce a movie revival of the Syfy series. Warehouse 13 for Kickstarter movie? BBC Two is turning 50 - and Digital Spy wants your memories and thoughts. BBC Two is 50: Share your memories NBC is yet to renew the veteran crime drama, currently airing its 15th season. Law & Order: SVU future 'in doubt'