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Actor will reunite with Atlantis's Aiysha Hart . Thrones' Mark Addy joins Horowitz series Celebrity First Dates chats up over 1.7m on Monday. TV ratings: Walking Dead breaks FOX record He helped oversee the likes of Happy Valley and Doctor Who. BBC TV chief Cohen leaving after 8 years Guitar wankers! Watch Inbetweeners star play the theme tune Chat show hosts will be given a licence to fill (an hour of TV). Norton and Ross to host Bond specials Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes will return to your screens later this month. Class of 92 series airdate confirmed Don't expect a gritty Man of Steel-style series, folks. Supergirl star praises Christopher Reeve Steve Coogan and Saoirse Ronan will also appear on the show's big full series return. U2 and Take That will kick off TFI Friday The X Factor rises to a Sunday series high but Strictly still triumphs. TV ratings: Strictly beats X Factor on Sunday As the app turns 5, here are the best pages that aren't just selfies and bikini shots. 23 Instagram accounts to follow right now CSI launches its Cyber unit and Sherlock's Mark Gatiss traces his family history on Who Do You Think You Are? 8 TV shows you must watch this week From the smegging brilliant to the downright gimboid. Red Dwarf: All 10 series ranked Vinnie Patterson had quite a miserable end for such a happy character. Ryan Kwanten looks back on Home and Away Australian actor also tells us that it was the right time for True Blood to come to an end. True Blood's Kwanten is 'evil' in new show Ryan, meet Mickey's parrot. Parrot, Ryan. Watch Ryan Kwanten in Blunt Force Trauma clip In case you weren't sick of the Jon Snow 'Is he dead?' questions enough already. Game of Thrones star tired of Jon Snow debate Former Pop Idol judge appears in court to face nine charges in total. DJ Neil Fox faces six new sex offences Writer Nic Pizzolatto might want to look away. Cronenberg turned down 'bad' True Detective The annual charity event is down by around 500,000 viewers from last year. TV ratings: Pride of Britain attracts 4m Killing Death has its repercussions, guys. Watch a creepy new Supernatural trailer Hopefully Alex Ferguson won't kick a boot at his face this time. David Beckham to play at Old Trafford From Madagascar to Little Britain USA, he's been a lot busier than you think. Where the hell's David Schwimmer been? Daredevil and Jessica Jones could one day become new Avengers. Maybe. Marvel films will reference the TV shows Spoiler-free reviews for the AMC zombie drama's premiere sound very promising. The Walking Dead season 6 is 'incredible' Get married and then get back to the kitchen. Downton Abbey wedding bells: Spoiler photos Last night's chocolate-covered semi-final is the most-watched episode of the year. TV ratings: Bake Off rises to over 10m Do you go crazy for Sheldon's Fun with Flags? Or are you all about Penny, Penny, Penny? Vote for your fave Big Bang Theory character 'She Loves You', 'Let It Be', 'Come Together'? This is going to be tough. ITV to find out the UK's top Beatles #1 It was probably Molesley's fault. Downton Abbey gives away a huge spoiler X Factor judge says he let both winner Haenow and runner-up Fleur East "get on with their job" all year. Cowell is very excited about Haenow's debut If 24 does come back, it won't include Jack Bauer. Which is kind of pointless. Dammit: Kiefer Sutherland rules out more 24 "Oh yeah, we met Santa!" Jenna Coleman explains Doctor Who to Conan ABC's MCU spinoff may be on to a winner with season three's focus on the Inhumans. Agents of SHIELD premiere: Reviews round-up Singer dons the famous little black dress for the upcoming theatre show. See Pixie Lott as Holly Golightly for UK tour Channel 5's final trip to Las Vegas with Gil Grissom and co fails to attract big numbers. TV ratings: Final CSI thrills under 1m Dominion actor also chats to Digital Spy about his new West End drama Ticking. Anthony Head gives Buffy spinoff update The tables have turned as Sheldon vows to get Amy back, one way or another. Big Bang Theory review: Big break-up continues British actor also speaks to Digital Spy about new West End play Ticking opposite Anthony Head. Tom Hughes not upset over The Game axe The Office star moves to London to join the likes of Rob Lowe and Pauline Quirke in Sky 1's new comedy-drama. Jenna Fischer: Sky 1 show like Tom Cruise film Who's the Johnson now, Johnson? Peep Show star wants to kill off Johnson