Apple and Google are finally playing nice together and you can take advantage. How to use your iPhone to control Android Wear Apple Pay will soon have some serious competition. Google says Android Pay is coming 'soon' McDonald's says the Apple Pay rival is launching in the US on August 26. Android Pay tipped for launch this week It's been named, it's on the way, here's what you need to know about Android M, Marshmallow. Android Marshmallow: Everything you need to know Improvements to the operating system include more accurate fingerprint support. Google reveals its new OS Android Marshmallow Milkshake, macaroon, marshmallow and moon pie are among the frontrunners. Which dessert is Android M named after? The tech giant is now part of a bigger picture - but what does that actually mean for you? Google's Alphabet: What you need to know Monthly security patches coming to Android after the Stagefright revelations. Android bug needs 'biggest ever' fix More users are still on Android KitKat and Jellybean than the most recent version Lollipop. Almost a fifth of Android devices run Lollipop Researchers describe the MMS bug as "extremely dangerous". Android bug 'left a billion phones at risk' Razer says it "is not retaining interest in OUYA hardware or related other assets". Razer confirms Ouya takeover You looking at me? It's time to make Apple and Google mind their own business. How to stop Apple and Google spying on you If the latest leaks are to be believed, Google and Huawei are cooking up one hell of a phone. New Google Nexus phone to rival Galaxy S6 Improved memory management tool crops up in the latest preview build. Android M addresses long-standing issue Operating system update won't be coming to two of Samsung's bestselling phones. Android Lollipop skips Galaxy Note 2, S3 John Chen refuses to rule out the possibility of entering the Android market. BlackBerry boss addresses Android rumours Developer gets the Google operating system up and running on a TI-Nspire CX. Watch Android running on a calculator New multi-touch screen units offer more storage space and better selection of games. Android to power Virgin flight entertainment Reports suggest the firm is combining its physical keyboard with the Google OS. Is BlackBerry making an Android device? Incremental operating system update coming to Sony mobile devices in July. Android 5.1 coming to Sony Xperia devices Sales of Apple handsets take a bite out of Android's UK market share. iPhone sales are on the rise in the UK Successors to the Moto 360 watch and Moto X phone could arrive this summer. Lenovo's first Motorola devices are coming Gaming giant says there is "no truth" to reports that the NX runs the Google OS. Nintendo denies Android console rumour 50% of users now on KitKat or Lollipop despite infamous fragmentation problems. How old is your Android phone's software? Carry out hands-free transactions by uttering "I'd like to pay with Google". Google app lets you pay with your voice The gaming giant's next console is tipped to run a derivative of the Google OS. Nintendo's NX could be Android-based Google is upgrading everything it does. View the highlights of yesterday's big reveal, from offline Maps to mobile VR. Google I/O: 10 things you need to know Search firm previews its new operating system during the Google I/O keynote. What's new in Google's Android M? Google's mobile operating system will see a major new iteration each year. Major Android updates will now be yearly Longer battery life and boosted multi-tasking on the way to Google phones. Android M could be out by August Google's answer to Apple's TouchID biometric security may be around the corner. Android M tipped for fingerprint logins Google smartphone users get an "early look" of Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps. MS Office preview now on Android phones Amazon leaks a new version of NVIDIA's living room entertainment system. NVIDIA Shield Pro with Android TV leaked A new game based on Terminator Genisys is the first to use the feature. Now you can pre-register for Android apps The launch of new Android flagship phones helps the OS reach a 9% market share. Android Lollipop gaining market share fast Home SmartPhone S II launches with Google Play support and Android Jelly Bean. BT landline phone runs Android apps We're used to leaks in the tech industry - but this is different. Google, erm... washes away the competition Online retailer no longer offering try-before-you-buy service on Android. Amazon's Android store ditches TestDrive Users can now type 'Find My Phone' into the search bar to locate their device. Google can locate missing Android phones Feature allows users to unlock their device by uttering "OK Google". Trusted Voice unlock coming to Android