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Tech giant is expected to announce gains in Asia thanks to its China Mobile deal. iPhone sales 'now higher in China than US' Reports suggest Apple is returning to Samsung processors for its next iPhone. iPhone 6S may be powered by Samsung chip Parts believed to be from the rumoured 12-inch model leak online. MacBook Air leak hints at smaller model Apple is apparently fixing the flaws in the OS X 10.10.2 update. Google reveals 3 Apple OS X vulnerabilities Apple's newly-appointed head of retail Angela Ahrendts earned the most with $73.3m. How much did Tim Cook earn in 2014? Report suggests the wearable could run down after 3.5 hours of heavy usage. Apple Watch battery worse than expected? Firm gains access to social, sales and streaming data from the music business. Apple 'boosts Beats relaunch' with Semetric Reports of a 2GB iPhone 6 suggest that Apple may be overhauling its software. Apple iOS 9: Big changes coming? Report says the smart stylus could be sold separately to the iPad Pro. Apple 'developing stylus for iPad Pro' Reports suggest Apple processors could replace Intel chips from next year. Is Apple switching to its own Mac CPUs? What might the Apple Lisa computer look like if it was released today? Apple Lisa gets a 21st century makeover Purported screenshots give us an idea of what to expect from the Apple Watch. Apple Watch Companion app pictures leak A patent from the iPhone firm suggests it is planning to make an action-camera. Is Apple developing a GoPro competitor? The iPhone maker realised that some users were claiming refunds excessively and keeping the apps. Apple prevents 14-day app refund abuse New Apple technology could spell the end for keyboard and mouse interfaces. Apple gesture patent hints at Mac future An example of how not to smuggle stolen iPhones into China. Man caught with 94 iPhones strapped to body Pipes develops an online emulator offering a virtual tour of the Apple Watch. Test drive the Apple Watch with this demo Apple gets creative with its latest window display at London's Regent Street. See Apple's magical iPad Smart Cover display Apple implements pricing changes to account for VAT and foreign exchange rates. Apple increases minimum app price to 79p After a record-breaking year, Apple's App Store has broken more records. Apple customers break new App Store record Apple to implement pricing changes to account for VAT and foreign exchange rates. App Store prices to rise in Europe A patent filing suggests the firm is pondering the launch of flexible devices. Apple eyes phones that bend intentionally Report says Apple is finalising the device's software and optimising battery life. Apple Watch tipped to go on sale in March A redesigned 12-inch model of the laptop is rumoured to be in the pipeline. Is Apple overhauling its MacBook Air? The latest reports cast doubt on the return of the 4-inch form factor. Apple 'not returning to 4-inch iPhones' Perla Haney-Jardine is playing Lisa Jobs in Danny Boyle's biopic. Steve Jobs biopic casts daughter role iPhone maker accused of not clarifying how much free memory iOS 8 demands. Apple sued over iOS 8 storage demands Chinese firm's first laptop is almost a carbon copy of Apple's MacBook Air. Xiaomi to launch MacBook Air lookalike Apple again dominates the Digital Spy Reader Awards. iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 win reader poll Apple hits out at accusations that it is failing to protect its Chinese workers. Tim Cook 'deeply offended' by BBC allegations The move has prompted fears that the price of apps downloaded in the UK could increase. Apple to change app VAT rates in the EU A job listing suggests Apple is seeking a London-based intern to work on the service. Is Apple Pay about to launch in the UK? Have you ever wondered whether the iPhone 6 can withstand a pan of boiling Coca-Cola? The iPhone 6 as you've never seen it before Our modern Christmas tradition returns - but this year, it's tastier. Top tech tips for an amazing Christmas dinner Cupertino firm's share of the mobile phone market is now 1% behind Nokia. iPhone 6 helps boost Apple's market share The jury found Apple's iTunes 7.0 release was a "genuine product improvement". Apple found not guilty of iPod antitrust Two generations come together through the power of music (and consumer electronics). Apple unveils weepie Christmas advert Former iTunes engineer tells the court he was told to block music from rivals. Ex-iTunes engineer testifies against Apple Rumours that Apple is working on a smaller iPhone for 2015 intensify. Is Apple returning to 4-inch iPhones? In the spirit of Christmas, here's our wishes for Apple's next smartphone. 5 things we most want from the iPhone 7