Looks like Apple is keen to avoid a repeat of the Bendgate fiasco. Will the iPhone 6S bend like the 6 Plus? Infamous online tipster says another plastic-coated wonder is coming. iPhone 6C to launch 'concurrently' with 6S Apple Watch technology could be used for accessing shortcuts within apps. How will the iPhone S6 use Force Touch? A new Music app and the option to keep the display on longer headline the update. These new features are coming to Apple Watch Watch out Samsung, the wait for the iPhone 6S is almost over. iPhone 6S to be unveiled at September 9 event Thanks to new legislation, ripping your own CDs for your own use is now breaking the law. iTunes CD rips are now illegal in the UK New feature will stop your iPhone from clinging onto weak WiFi signals. Your iPhone will dodge weak WiFi with iOS 9 The Apple Watch Epoca will have Lenin spinning in his grave. Apple Watch Epoca salutes Russian leaders iPhone maker is "thrilled" with the service's performance in its first month. Apple Music has more than 11m trial users From pocket watches to £72,000 second screen straps, this is what your Apple Watch could be. 7 custom Apple Watches too cool for the Apple Store Reports suggest we may not see another plastic iPhone until 2016. The iPhone 6C could end up skipping 2015 Beats 2 through to 6 could reportedly join the live radio station in the future. Is Apple planning more Beats stations? A jailbreaker discovers a "serious flaw" in the latest version of Yosemite. Mac flaw leaves computers 'open to malware' Pinnacle watch becomes a two-sided timepiece when you add an Apple Watch. The Apple Watch just became two-faced The August smart locks are now compatible with the wearable device. Unlock doors with your Apple Watch New features tipped to turn the software into your virtual secretary. iOS 10 tipped to include new Siri feature The 2015 iPod touch is the best iPod yet, but it should probably be Apple's last. iPod touch 2015 review Could this be the new phone fresh off the production line? See the latest leaked iPhone 6S photos Will Apple launch its next-generation streaming box alongside the iPhone 6S? Apple TV tipped for a September refresh The iOS slate leads a declining tablet market as budget devices gain ground. Apple iPad market share dips below 25% World's biggest tech firms support US government plans to tackle climate change. Tech giants back climate change proposals HSBC and First Direct customers can make contactless payments with their Apple device. Apple Pay comes to HSBC and First Direct You looking at me? It's time to make Apple and Google mind their own business. How to stop Apple and Google spying on you Or should it start a country or bail out Greece? Hmmm, decisions, decisions. Apple could buy Twitter twice with its profits In 3 minutes Apple lost the value of RBS, and we're not really surprised. Why Apple lost $66bn despite record profits Apple, the world's largest company, just got a little bigger thanks to a record Q3. Apple made $50 billion in the last 3 months Apple buckles under the pressure of Beats 1 announcing the VMA nominees. VMA nominees take down Apple services Rumours of an Apple Car release have been rekindled by the iPhone maker's latest hire. This news suggests Apple is working on a car For those looking to ditch their wallets without adopting an iPhone, these are the best Apple Pay alternatives. 5 Apple Pay alternatives for non-iPhones An inspector must be able to check your iPhone or Apple Watch when using Apple Pay on TfL. Using Apple Pay on TfL? Be careful of this As MP3 players face extinction, Tom Eames argues for their continuation. In Defence Of... the Apple iPod Apple has apparently been using the term on search engines to attract any potential customers. Apple sued over iWatch name HSBC's wait for Apple Pay support will be a short one as the bank confirms its plans. HSBC joins Apple Pay movement on July 28 It's simple to use and seemingly secure, but does it add that much to your everyday life? 9 things we learned from a day with Apple Pay The iPod has been resurrected with a new iPod touch and new nano and shuffle colours launched. Apple just launched brand new iPod lines Big Machine Label Group CEO told Apple: "I can't support this: you need to pay us from the first stream." Taylor Swift's label boss talks Apple Music row Major networks are apparently negotiating on behalf of affiliates, which will save Apple loads of time. Apple 'making progress with US networks' Sod Maccys, Starbucks and Boots, we're off to use Apple Pay in a boutique micro brewery. Apple Pay not restricted to 'partner' retailers Twitter explodes as HSBC pushes its Apple Pay support back a matter of days. HSBC delays Apple Pay launch date Apple Pay is live in the UK, but you might not be able to use it yet... You can now use iPhone to make in-store payments