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Laptop dock aims to turn your smartphone into a dual-OS computer. Samsung wants to turn your phone into a laptop Sony renames its Xperia Z4 flagship smartphone for its global release. Sony's Xperia Z4 called Xperia Z3+ in UK The beleaguered company is consolidating its device software, hardware and applications units. BlackBerry is laying off some of its staff Is that an iPhone 5C with Touch ID... hmm... Could this be the iPhone 6C? The anticipated handset is said to sport similar internals to the HTC One M9. Are these the OnePlus Two's hardware specs? Space Shield, Circuit Bae and Lil Planet compatible with Samsung and Nexus phones. Skrillex phone cases are out of this world Mobile chief JK Shin shoots down rumours that the phablet will launch in July. Samsung denies Note 5 is launching early Chinese firms Lenovo and Xiaomi are the latest names linked with the next-gen handset Who will make Google's next Nexus? Company executive says its "dual-flagship strategy" is set to continue. LG to launch another flagship phone in 2015 Kickstarter-funded handset lets you make calls and nothing more. Light Phone will cure Facebook addiction Korean firm launches a smaller version of its flagship with scaled-down specs. LG's G4 gets a budget-friendly sibling G4 Stylus will be a larger, more affordable version of LG's flagship smartphone. LG's G4 gets a stylus-touting variant Samsung apparently wants to get a head start over Apple. Galaxy Note 5 could arrive as soon as July 4G mobile contracts going cheap if you don't mind an 18-month contract. Tesco SIM-only deals start at £10 a month Firm says it has suspended its Mini line because phablets are on fire. No HTC One Mini smartphone for 2015 Handset has killer specs but is unlikely to be released outside of Japan. HTC's J Butterfly 3 flutters into Japan Handset said to feature a Full HD display that runs from one edge to the other. Will Sony's next smartphone be bezel-free? Report suggests Google's next flagship will be a reworking of the 5.7-inch phablet. Huawei Nexus could be based on Mate 8 The beta site will only sell phone accessories initially - but that probably won't last long. Xiaomi's Mi Store opens in West next week Commercially-disastrous phone now available from just £99 after hefty price cut. Amazon burns £200 off Fire Phone's price Water and dustproof version of the handset appears on Samsung's US site early. Samsung accidentally leaks the S6 Active Figures suggest handsets measuring more than 5 inches make up 47% of all sales. Almost half of all phones sold are phablets Users take to an online forum to vent their frustration at official Clear View case. Is Samsung's S6 case damaging phones? Dual-screen handset gets a price reduction as the new white model launches. YotaPhone 2 gets a price cut to £440 Windows Phone to be renamed Windows 10 Mobile for starters. Microsoft unveils 7 versions of Windows 10 Reports suggest the Huawei-made flagship will arrive alongside a smaller LG phone. Is a smaller Nexus phone in the pipeline? Rumours of a Huawei-made Nexus smartphone continue to circulate. Is Huawei making Google's 2015 Nexus? Tesco looks to shift some of its non-core assets to regain some capital. Tesco to sell off its mobile business? Can a stunning camera raise a good smartphone to a must-buy? LG G4 review: A phone for the flash happy OnePlus looks set to continue offering the latest specs at an affordable price. How much is the OnePlus 2 likely to cost? A more affordable version of the LG's G4 flagship smartphone is leaked online. LG G4c looks like a budget alternative US and Japan among the countries choosing to do most of their searches on a smartphone. Mobile Google searches outnumbering PC ones Samsung reports that one in four customers are choosing the gold colour option. Which Galaxy S6 colour is most popular? The handset's 5-megapixel front camera is said to be the "best in class". Sony Xperia C4 targets selfie enthusiasts Android 5.1.1 update expected to unlock the feature on Samsung Galaxy S6. Samsung Galaxy S6 to support raw capture Do you value apps, screen or snapping skills over all others? Time to inform your phone purchase. The best smartphones for everyone The Smart Prime 6 combines impressive specs with a wallet-friendly asking price. Vodafone debuts budget-friendly phone Windows Phone users could be in for a longer wait for the new operating system. Windows 10 won't be on phones at launch The handset's RAM appears to be filling up too fast, causing some apps to close. Samsung fixing Galaxy S6 performance HTC One M9 users can now capture photographs without compression. HTC One M9 camera now has raw capture