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Top Story Ray-Ban and Oakley owner says new version of Google Glass is coming soon Italian eyewear giant Luxottica says it's partnering with Google on its next effort. Google Project Glass
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Facebook started paying for eggs to be frozen to help an employee with cancer. Facebook explains free egg-freezing policy It turns out the Android caught with his trousers down was user-created. Google says sorry for peeing Android It's a bird... It's a plane... No, it's a drone (and your post!) Drones will soon deliver Switzerland's post Christopher Walken's Captain Koons reveals the real history behind this bit of tech. Apple Watch ad gets Tarantino treatment Taiwanese company unveils its Predator range of gaming hardware. Acer to take on Nvidia with gaming tablet Promises to outlast the competition with its whopping 4,000mAh battery. Liquid X2 is Acer's new flagship phablet It's not the size that counts, it's how you use it. Apple Watch teardown reveals tiny battery If you're 42 and listening to pop music, it may be a sign of the 'musical midlife crisis'. Spotify knows when it's your midlife crisis It's got high-end specs and a low-end price. Is the Honor 6+ a Samsung Galaxy S6 killer? We're used to leaks in the tech industry - but this is different. Google, erm... washes away the competition Jeremy Clarkson's final two episodes prove popular on the BBC's catch-up service. Top Gear attracts 3.6m BBC iPlayer requests in March Microsoft sells a combined 1.6m Xbox One and Xbox 360 units for the latest quarter. Annual Xbox sales are down by 20% Samsung tries to take some of the Apple Watch's limelight. Samsung's got a round smartwatch coming No long Apple Store queues as the smartwatch goes on sale in a relatively low-key launch. First wave of Apple Watch devices arrive Laptop can apparently last for an impressive 11.5 hours on battery power alone. Acer's Chromebook 15 boasts beefy battery Tim Cook and fellow execs get their moves on at Apple Headquarters. Tim Cook is 'Happy' dancing to Pharrell Taiwanese company extends its reach into the world of wearable technology. Acer debuts new Leap fitness trackers The publisher offers massive savings to celebrate four years of its digital service. Half-off deal for Dark Horse digital birthday Network hopes to tackle pesky blackspots with roll-out of low frequency spectrum. Three plans major network upgrade this year Online retail giant has launched another scheme to modernise product delivery. Amazon is now delivering to car boots Security firm says hackers are able copy fingerprints directly from some Android smartphones. Hackers 'can read Galaxy S5 fingerprint data' Don your anoraks and queue outside these fashion boutiques. Six shops will stock Apple Watches tomorrow One Apple fanboy is hit where it hurts most. Angry woman drowns her ex's Apple gadgets EE not only wants to provide your network, but also the device you use. EE has 2 new own-brand smartphones coming Fans will also be able to select power options, including instant-on and energy saving modes. Power on your Xbox One using your mobile The mobile phone retailer will operate iD on the Three network from next month. Carphone Warehouse launches own network Kanye West helped launch TIDAL in March, but is he jumping ship already? 'TIDAL? What TIDAL?' Kanye deletes tweets If you're thinking of live streaming the next NHL game, think again... Periscope and Meerkat? No thanks, says NHL Google's bid for world domination... first there was Android and now there's Project Fi. Google mobile network is coming in the US A study shows that even in the world of emojis, French is the language of love. Which emojis are the most popular? The offer is only available until April 28, so you'd better grab yours quick. PS4 price temporarily cut to £300 in UK Who said the internet was having a dumbing-down effect on society? Channel 4 launches GIF-tastic news website If you don't have any friends then this won't affect you. Facebook update makes friends more prominent Saving the Earth is important - and fun! Find your spirit animal with Google quiz Yes, this is the droid you're looking for. You'll be able to buy a working BB-8 droid It's time to change your password again. Flaw exposes iOS users to data theft Winter is coming early for pirates if HBO gets its way. Game of Thrones is more torrented than ever Has the TIDAL wave passed for Jay Z's music streaming service? TIDAL app falls out of iOS chart Always forgetting your login? Then choose either the red or blue pill. Could a pill replace your password? Apple says straps underwent thousands of tests to ensure the Apple Watch is safe to wear. Apple learns lesson from Fitbit skin rash