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Top Story Apple designer Jony Ive picks up 2014 Bay Area Treasure Award The British tech designer discusses the Apple Watch at the ceremony. Apple design chief Sir Jony Ive
Microsoft, HP and Apple feature in this week's biggest tech stories. The week's biggest tech news in pictures Nintendo explains why its new handheld won't arrive in Europe and US until 2015. Why no New 3DS for Europe, US this year Richard Branson says he is sending support to those impacted by crash. Branson reacts to Virgin Galactic crash YouTube adds option of videos running at 60 frames per second. YouTube offers 60 frames-per-second videos An AMD employee claims to have created a smaller, cheaper Xbox One processor. Is Microsoft working on a slimmer Xbox One? Email client given a new interface and online archiving on Apple computers. Microsoft updates Outlook on Mac The Android co-founder is to step down after nine years with the company. Andy Rubin parts company with Google Buildings across London and other major UK cities will become WiFi hotspots. Free WiFi coming to 1,000 places in UK Controversial computer programmer given a three-and-a-half year sentence. Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Warg jailed Avatar filmmaker believes that the technology has no use beyond gaming. James Cameron is uninspired by VR tech Equipment manufacturers are no longer allowed to bundle versions of the OS. Windows 7 and 8 consumer sales end today BT strikes up a deal with the streaming service to bring it to its customers. Netflix finally coming to YouView boxes EyeFly 3D screen protector is only compatible with previous-generation iPhones. iPhone screen accessory brings 3D effects The 360-degree digital action camera is now available to purchase online. Kodak PixPro SP360 action cam now shipping The new premium-built handsets are aimed primarily at social media users. Samsung reveals metal-clad Galaxy phones The non-wearable device can be placed by the side of a user's bed. Nintendo unveils Quality of Life product Vice president of devices David Limp says Amazon "mismatched expectations" for the phone. Amazon: 'We got Fire Phone price wrong' The alternative colours briefly appeared on Amazon before being taken down. Moto 360 leak reveals new colours We've spent some time with Google's new HTC-built, Nexus 9, ahead of its launch. HTC Nexus 9 hands-on: "An impressive job" South Korean firm vows to "fundamentally reform [its] product portfolio". Samsung phone sales hit a three-year low Samsung research suggests that the UK wearables market will see massive gains. Wearable tech sales 'to rise by 182%' Prototype handset has bezels that are less than the width of a credit card. LG reveals phone with virtually no bezels Shanda claims to have cracked the problem of smartwatch battery life. Geak Watch 2 'has two-week battery life' Chinese company adds another member to its hybrid tablet family. Lenovo outs Windows-powered Yoga Tablet 2 South Korean firm's latest wearable is reportedly pushed back by several weeks. Samsung Gear S UK launch 'postponed' The WWE Network is still to be launched in the UK. WWE Network drops 6-month commitment The ability to make calls over WiFi will now be added early next year. WhatsApp delays voice-calling feature News aggregation service undergoes its second major refresh on mobiles. Flipboard 3.0 arrives on iOS and Android BlackBerry CEO John Chen lets the release date slip during a presentation. BlackBerry Classic expected mid-December Apple boss says he came out because he wants to "bring comfort to anyone who feels alone". Apple's Tim Cook: "I'm proud to be gay" The Motorola branding will continue to appear on products going forward. Lenovo finalises Motorola acquisition Orange and T-Mobile merger now offering faster speeds in the UK capital. EE rolls out 150Mbps 4G+ service in London The device has 10 sensors fitted to measure everything from heart rate to UV rays. Microsoft announces new fitness Band Redditmade allows users to pledge to community-created projects. Reddit creates Kickstarter competitor HP's new take on the PC brings greater creativity to users' fingertips. HP unveils bold new PC with built-in projector MAID Oven monitors the user's eating habits and suggests new recipes. Smart microwave suggests your next meal New figures suggest that the operating system is growing at a leisurely pace. Apple's iOS 8 adoption creeps up to 52% Barclaycard and the Mayor of London launch a new charity initiative. London scheme enables NFC charity donations South Korean firm sells 16.8 million smartphones during the three-month period. LG G3 sales help firm to successful quarter The social network's expenses could increase by up to 75% next quarter. Facebook warned about increased spending