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Top Story Batman v Superman viral video: It's time to ditch Apple iOS for LexCorp's groundbreaking Lex OS LexCorp – building a greater tomorrow. Today. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
He changed his name from William Wood to Something Long and Complicated in 2007. Facebook blocked man with deedpoll name You'll have to pay a bit more for Daredevil and House of Cards if you're in the US. Neflix raising US prices again Ive says filmmakers have "hijacked" Jobs's legacy. Jony Ive "ever so sad" about Steve Jobs film Humax FVP-4000T launches with the on-demand aggregator on board. Humax launches first Freeview Play box Free, unlimited streaming for HP device owners. HP Lounge launches to take on Spotify Barclays customers can bank on Apple Pay support arriving next year. When is Barclays adding Apple Pay support? The 21.5-inch iMac is believed to be next in line for the 4K treatment. Will we see new iMacs launch next week? Before today you could only buy the books digitally via Pottermore. Harry Potter is magicked to life by Apple Soon there will be no need for that Dislike button. Facebook Likes to make way for Reactions Your iPhone 6S not lasting as long as your friend's? This might be why. Some iPhone 6Ss have longer battery life Smartphone app lets you customise commands and set rival-thwarting timers. Smart dice roll when you snap your fingers Google says its in-car service doesn't collect any more data than it should. Android Auto isn't spying on drivers Retailer could beat Apple to the live TV market. Is Amazon launching a live TV service? Will the UK and Europe be next? PS4 gets official price cut in North America Even the keys light up lightsaber red. This Star Wars laptop will amaze you Where did her cheeky butt cheek go? Victoria's Secret has a major Photoshop fail Beats' Bluetooth speaker has been given the Apple treatment. Apple unveils new Beats Pill+ speaker Move over Prius, there's a new champ in the eco-vehicle race. Lexus has made a drivable cardboard car It no longer matters that Microsoft canned the Surface Mini. HP Envy 8 Note is basically a mini Surface Professional social network's email barrages land it in hot water. LinkedIn to pay $13m in spamming lawsuit Read what you will into this one. Waterstones drops Kindle due to poor sales Windows 10 flagships to retail from £499.99 SIM-free. How much will the Lumia 950 cost in UK? A Christmas treat for anyone with a Lumia smartphone. Windows 10 Mobile finally has a launch date Social network offers a new way to follow TV shows, sports, news, and more. Moments marks Twitter's biggest change Big Bang Fair's 'STEMojis' also include Dara O Briain, Rachel Riley and Carol Vorderman. See Richard Ayoade and Brian Cox as emoji Now you can tweak your clips before hitting upload. YouTube adds built-in editing tools on iOS At least somebody isn't taking the Mickey out of that Pencil Stylus. Disney is already using Apple's iPad Pro Co-founder Kevin Systrom reveals the naked truth of the matter. R-rated Instagram has been discussed Twitter user faces "threatening message" criminal charge. Woman arrested for #killallwhitemen tweet Budget-friendly handset offers an alternative to the new Lumia 950 phones. Lumia 550 offers Windows 10 for cheap It's not just the internet mocking the iPad Pro stylus then. Microsoft openly mocks the Apple Pencil Look out, Macbook, the Surface Book is here. Surface Book is Microsoft's first laptop Microsoft is bringing the oversized, business-orientated slate fight to Apple. Surface Pro 4 lands as iPad Pro rival The long-awaited successors to the Nokia Lumia 930 are here. Lumia 950 phones are Windows 10 flagships Second-gen wearable adds a healthy amount of new features. New Microsoft Band lands this month That free update lark seems to have got people on board. Windows 10 already powering 110m devices Sod Apple Watch and Google Glass, we want these. Microsoft HoloLens to cost £2,000 Operating system to hit the console along with Xbox 360 backwards compatibility. Windows 10 coming to Xbox One at Christmas Apple's latest mobile wares are litterally too hot to handle. Does the iPhone 6S have an overheating problem? The wait for the iPad Pro could be over in less than a month. iPad Pro set for first week of November release