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DTT Licences: "DTB" bid for B, C & D

The ITC has today revealed more details of the applications for the DTT licences previously held by ITV Digital, including the bid by "Digital Television Broadcasting Limited" for multiplexes B, C and D.

By far the shortest application summary of the bunch, DTB believes that "a free to air model is the only viable option to drive rapid further penetration of digital TV in the UK."

It proposes a free-to-air service of 40 channels, including a selection of 21 non-premium channels, "catering to a wide variety of tastes and interests." Whilst refusing to identify the stations, the application adds: "All our targeted channels currently have ITC digital licences and will include general entertainment, factual programming, services for children, movies, music and sport."

Backed by Apax, DTB says that it has the advantage of not being involved directly with programme supply, unlike other platform operators who "favour their own channels at the expense of the attractiveness of the consumer proposition." In a clear referral to ITV Digital and the ITV1/ITV Sport Channel fiasco, DTB adds: "The operator of the multiplexes must not have a vested interest in channel supply."
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