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Flextech/UKTV release DTT channel details

Flextech, the content arm of cable firm Telewest, and partner in the UKTV operation has today released information about its latest two channels.

These new channels will timeshare, filling a 24 hour period. Whilst initially launching for the Freeview platform, they will not be exclusive, although no confirmations regarding other platforms are yet available.

UK Homestyle will air from 6am - 6pm as a new daytime lifestyle channel. Its content will be made up of the 'best of UKTV’s original programming'.

F TN will air from 6pm - 6am, and is aimed at age ranges from 13 - 44. The majority of its output will be made up from original commissions from other Flextech channels, such as Bravo and Challenge?. F TN will offer a mixture of comedy, documentary, reality, lifestyle, talk and drama programming.

Chief Executive of Flextech, Jane Lighting, said: “F TN will allow us to exploit Flextech’s ad sales and programming assets and showcase our flagship brands with their innovative and original programming giving us access to a brand new audience.???

Richard Emery, Chief Executive Officer UKTV, said: "UK Home Style provides Freeview viewers a new daytime lifestyle channel, offering the best of UKTV’s original programming which will allow us to extend our profile across all platforms. We are delighted to have the opportunity to provide two UKTV channels, UK Home Style and UK History on the Freeview platform."

This marks a change from the normal business practices for Flextech, whose channels have up until now all been Pay-TV.
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