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Reality TV, CNX, TV5 arrive in EPG

After weeks of testing, three new channels have today arrived in the Sky EPG.

Reality TV (EPG#241), CNX (EPG#244) and French channel TV5 Europe (EPG#825) are the latest additions to the Sky digital platform.

Reality TV has been testing for some time, and programming officially started this evening at 6pm. The 24-hour channel is devoted to real-life dramas, such as the American 911 Rescue series.

New from the people behind Cartoon Network, comes CNX. Aimed at the male 16-34-year-old range, it offers action, adventure and anime.

French TV station TV5 Europe has been carried as a stand-alone channel on some cable franchises for some time and recently appeared on DSAT as a test channel. The channel offers general entertainment programming.

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