Operating Systems

Computing giant aims to avoid Android's fragmentation problem. Microsoft to control Win 10 Mobile update Hardware market saw heavy decline this summer, despite the launch of the new OS. Windows 10 hasn't halted the PC decline A Christmas treat for anyone with a Lumia smartphone. Windows 10 Mobile finally has a launch date Operating system to hit the console along with Xbox 360 backwards compatibility. Windows 10 coming to Xbox One at Christmas Marshmallow-flavoured operating system comes to Nexus devices first. Android 6.0 begins rollout to Nexus users Microsoft operating system now has a market share of 6.63%. Windows 10 reaches 100 million users Apple's free update for Mac operating system is coming. You can download OS X El Capitan tomorrow Microsoft pens a conspiracy theory-debunking blog post. Is Windows 10 spying on its users? Attention Apple users - it's time to update your Watch. Apple finally releases watchOS 2 There's a good reason why you should check whether your device is compatible. Windows 10 is breaking some devices Update 3 brings a Windows 10-like Start menu to the neglected operating system. Windows RT becomes more like Windows 10 How to save your iDevice's battery while enjoying split-screen viewing. 16 iOS 9 tips & tricks you didn't know about Users who don't want Windows 10 might not have any say in the matter. Is Windows 10 dowloading itself onto PCs? Who needs an iPhone 6S when you can make your iPhone 6 act like one? iOS 9 release date set for next week An upcoming update will bring a host of catch-up features for mobile players. Minecraft multiplayer between mobiles, Windows 10 Edge extensions and a universal Messaging app for desktop said to be included. Windows 10 'major update' due November Microsoft's latest operating system enjoys a successful first month. Windows 10 has reached 75m PCs so far Get ready for torrents of abuse. Torrent sites banning Windows 10 users It's now been two decades since the iconic Start menu made its debut. Windows 95 turns 20 years old today Improvements to the operating system include more accurate fingerprint support. Google reveals its new OS Android Marshmallow Reports suggest Microsoft's new operating system is yet to reach 5% market share. Windows 10 adoption rate slowing down Updated user agreement gives Microsoft the right to disable shady software. Can Windows 10 disable pirated games? Gigantic touchscreen won't arrive on the enterprise scene until 2016. Microsoft's Surface Hub has been delayed Microsoft's new operating system corners 3.78% of the market in two weeks. Windows 10 installs reach 27 million Operating system coming to select Lumia handsets before other devices. These phones will get Windows 10 first Microsoft reveals how many machines are running Windows 10. How many PCs are running Windows 10? Users can upgrade to the Microsoft Solitaire Collection Premium edition. Windows 10 makes you pay for no Solitaire ads Russian commercial has all the youthful energy of a Saturday morning cartoon. Windows 10's Russian TV ads are bonkers Microsoft hints that the operating system is almost ready for your phone. Windows 10 Mobile is 'feature complete' Microsoft boss insists the operating system is not the result of past failings. Microsoft boss: 'Windows 10 is not our Plan B' Windows Phone users might be in for a longer wait than expected. When is Windows 10 coming to phones? It's here, it's finally here and this is how you can get Windows 10 for free... Windows 10: Everything you need to know Less than 24 hours before the new operating system lands, some have noticed an update available already. Windows 10 arrives on some PCs a day early Microsoft will roll out the update in waves to avoid overloading its servers. Not everyone will get Windows 10 at launch Get ready for Apple's shiny new streaming service, including its digital radio station Beats 1. iOS 8.4 is now live with Apple Music, more Korean firm vows to issue a patch to make Windows updates automatic again. Samsung to unblock auto Windows updates A new automatic App Deletion feature will cut out the pain of deleting apps yourself. Apple may have solved iOS update hassle Microsoft offers a way for XP and Vista users to get Windows 10 for free. Here's another way to get Windows 10 free Apple offers a look at its next mobile operating system at WWDC 2015. iOS 9 boosts battery, makes Siri smarter Apple announces its next desktop operating system at WWDC 2015. OS X El Capitan is the next Mac update