Exploring the oversized slate from release date to the much-mocked Apple Pencil. iPad Pro: Everything you need to know It no longer matters that Microsoft canned the Surface Mini. HP Envy 8 Note is basically a mini Surface Read what you will into this one. Waterstones drops Kindle due to poor sales It's not just the internet mocking the iPad Pro stylus then. Microsoft openly mocks the Apple Pencil Microsoft is bringing the oversized, business-orientated slate fight to Apple. Surface Pro 4 lands as iPad Pro rival The wait for the iPad Pro could be over in less than a month. iPad Pro set for first week of November release Everyone's getting in on the large screen tablet game. Samsung's iPad Pro rival has been leaked Review: First impressions suggest this is a tablet that will please both you and your wallet. Amazon's £50 tablet is actually really good Amazon proves that affordable tech doesn't have to be crap. Amazon launches sub-£50 Fire tablet Apple might have more to worry about than Microsoft's Surface range. Dell's new 4K tablet will rival iPad Pro Maybe bigger really is better. 7 iPad Pro features that will make you want one It doesn't even have an eraser on the end! Apple wants you to spend £65 on a Pencil Finally - this is what the iPad mini 3 should have been. iPad Mini 4 is an iPad Air 2 in disguise Is bigger better? Apple thinks so. iPad Pro lands as 12.9-inch slate Report suggests the new 6-inch Fire slate will cost just $50. Amazon's cheapest-ever tablet is coming Korean firm teases what looks like a super-sized slate at IFA. Samsung Galaxy View could rival iPad Pro Flagship Android slates come with flip-out kickstands and gesture controls. Lenovo debuts its Yoga Tab 3 line at IFA Leaked prototype slate looks suspiciously like an 8-inch Nexus. Is this our first peek at the Nexus 8? French company launches a 7.9-inch slate with Android Lollipop innards. Archos debuts Android-based Diamond Tab Tablet could be big enough to square up to the iPad Pro. Surface Pro 4 rumoured for display boost A mystery Google tablet shows up in an online benchmarking test. Could we see a Nexus 8 tablet this year? 10.1-inch Android slate is a significant improvement on its 8-inch sibling. LG's new G Pad 2 is its best tablet so far The long, long wait for the oversized iPad Pro is over - well, almost, possibly. Apple's long-rumoured iPad Pro is on its way Tesco Connect is the first tablet to launch in the UK with the new OS on board. First Windows 10 tablet costs just £99 Film holidays and city breaks like a pro with what you have in your pocket. Top YouTuber tips for mobile movie-makers Chip maker's Shield tablets are hot stuff (literally). Nvidia tablets recalled over battery risk Korean firm's Android tablet tipped for a display upgrade this October. LG G Pad tipped for a 1080p refresh Apple's supply chain will apparently start supplying components for the iPad Pro by late-September. iPad Pro to arrive in time for Christmas? Hinting at new things to come from Google, the Nexus 9's price has been cut to £200 Nexus 9 price cut to just £200 Microsoft's 4G-ready tablet will be available to business customers on O2 first. Surface 3 LTE model hits the UK this month Android slate free on £18 a month on a 24-month plan that includes 10GB of data. EE adds Harrier Tab to 4G product range Research suggests the Microsoft tablet is speedier than its Apple and Google rivals. Surface Pro 3 is 'faster than iPad Air 2' Premium design of the Galaxy S6 hasn't found its way to Samsung's tablet line. A first look at Samsung's Galaxy Tab S2 Samsung's next flagship tablet is expected to measure in at just 198 x 134 x 5.4mm. Galaxy Tab S2 is 'world's thinnest' tablet Fire HD Kids Edition comes loaded with free subscriptions and a two-year guarantee. Amazon debuts kid-friendly Fire HD tablet Project Tango creates detailed 3D maps based on US user's surroundings for a cool $512. Google's spatially aware tablet on sale Oversized phone ownership in the UK has surged. Ofcom: 54% of UK households own a tablet Whether you're working, playing or dabbling in both, get the right tablet for your tasks. What tablet should you buy? Affordable Android Lollipop slate coming to the UK following success elsewhere. Samsung's Galaxy Tab A bound for the UK Super slate rumoured to pack a Super AMOLED screen with a 2048 x 1536 resolution. This could be Samsung's Galaxy Tab S2