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Ray Winstone, Jason Connery and Clive Mantle return for the one-off episode. Robin of Sherwood is back as a radio play Game of Thrones receives a new trailer, previewing the in-game brutality. 'Game of Thrones' game trailer released It's the end of Cult Spy, but the moment has been prepared for... The End of Cult Spy 24 is unlikely to return for another season, but is it the right move to cull Jack Bauer from our tellies? Should '24' return for another day? How could the likes of Shockeye, Pex and The Silver Cloak be resurrected for further adventures? Dream 'Doctor Who' spinoffs Dale Cooper's revealing dream and unconventional use of Tibetan philosophy are simply legendary. Two damn fine scenes from 'Twin Peaks' Is there any more to be seen from the marvellous town of Twin Peaks? Just maybe... 'Twin Peaks' - The Fight For More Did the second year of Being Human live up to the horrific and hilarious standards set by the first? 'Being Human' Season Two - The Verdict Find out how some classic props fared under the hammer in the recent Doctor Who auction. 'Doctor Who' - The Auction Dismal. Tedious. Absurd. Find out why these adjectives apply to the second season of Survivors. 'Survivors' Season Two - The Verdict Find out what the crew of Battlestar Galactica have been doing since the show went off the air. The 'Galactica' stars: Where are they now? We look at the most exciting moments so far in Day 8 of 24 - including the arrival of Davros. '24's Day 8 - Jack Bauer v Davros We look at how Doctor Who might have taken shape if product plugging had been allowed. 'Doctor Who's Product Placements Torchwood: Children Of Earth didn't turn out too well for the Harkness family... Classic Moment: Captain Jack's sacrifice Can J.J. Abrams take Lost in a bold, new direction for its final season? Read our review. 'Lost's Final Season Premiere: The Verdict We review the season premiere of the long-awaited Battlestar Galactica prequel. 'Caprica's Premiere: The Verdict In preparation for Lost's final season, we examine the show's lingering question marks. 'Lost' - The Unsolved Mysteries We give our reaction to the return of Jack Bauer and a range of new additions in the latest season of 24. '24's Day 8 Premiere - The Verdict We look at the Time Lord's spectacular stash of awards since the show relaunched in 2005. 'Doctor Who's Trophy Cabinet Better known as 24's Aaron Pierce, this actor's cult credentials are up there with Alan Dale's. Is Glenn Morshower the new Alan Dale? We review the underwhelming opening episode of the second season of Survivors. How are the 'Survivors' doing? Can the supernatural BBC Three drama maintain the high standards it set during its first season? Is 'Being Human' being great again? We give you the lowdown on the best cult viewing treats coming up on your idiot's lantern in 2010. Cult Spy's 2010 Preview We look at the departures and arrivals of the various Doctors from William Hartnell to Matt Smith. The Deaths of The Doctor Did David Tennant and Russell T Davies bow out of Doctor Who in style?  The End Of Time Part Two: The Verdict The killer plants are back on the rampage in this star-studded new BBC version, but are the Triffids terrific? 'The Day Of The Triffids' - The Verdict David Tennant's penultimate Doctor Who episode is neither a sweet dream nor a beautiful nightmare. The End Of Time Part One: The Verdict We pay our respects to the characters who have bitten the dust during twelve morbid months of cult telly. 2009's Staggering Death List Read on for our look at some of the best, worst and most embarrassing moments in cult television over the year. The Cult Spy Awards 2009 Could the 24 and True Blood actress be on the verge of nicking Dale's cult crown? Is Michelle Forbes the new Alan Dale? From Sil to Sergeant Benton, here's a list of classic Doctor Who characters worthy of a comeback! Ten 'Dr Who' characters we want back Cult Spy's never-ending quest to find a rival for Jim Robinson's cultish connections finds a new contender. Is Mark Sheppard the new Alan Dale? What do we make of The Doctor's journey into Roswell to meet some bug-eyed monsters? Read our review. 'Doctor Who': Dreamland - The Verdict Is the Twin Peaks and Reaper legend carving out a cultish career that rivals Alan Dale's? Is Ray Wise the new Alan Dale? The first story of Doctor Who's aborted 23rd season finally emerges with 'The Nightmare Fair'. The Doctor visits 'The Nightmare Fair' How have the Bannerman Road gang fared in their third year of fending off alien threats? 'Sarah Jane's Third Season: The Verdict Read on for plenty of speculation about the demise of David Tennant's legendary Time Lord and his final words. What are the Tenth Doctor's last words? It's been a long wait, but Doctor Who's Martian adventure was anything but a damp squib. 'The Waters Of Mars' - The Verdict Check out some of the most loveable mutts that have graced sci-fi shows over the years. Cult's Cutest Canines Find out which former 24 legends might be next in line for a miraculous resurrection. '24': Back From The Dead