Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Matt Smith and David Tennant are given Lego makeovers in a five-minute video. Watch Doctor Who's 50th as Lego episode He says he was "swamped" with "affectionate messages" after cameo appearance. Tom Baker on Doctor Who 50th, Matt Smith Free mobile title Doctor Who: Legacy lets fans retrace The Doctor's recent exploits. Doctor Who Legacy: First review Davison, Colin Baker and Steven Moffat talk the Doctor Who 50th comedy skit. Peter Davison on Doctor Who 50th spoof Digital Spy dissects Doctor Who's landmark anniversary episode. 'Doctor Who' 50th special - Video review Steven Moffat finally talks openly about sci-fi drama's long-awaited 50th special. Steven Moffat on Doctor Who 50th twists Steven Moffat hints at what to expect from the new Doctor. Moffat on Capaldi 'Doctor Who' debut Steven Moffat claims that multiple Doctors long-term could prove confusing. Paul McGann 'Doctor Who' return unlikely Moffat explains why he chose to feature the classic Doctor in the 50th special. Moffat on Tom Baker 'Doctor Who' cameo Steven Moffat reveals why he chose to have the future Doctor make a 50th cameo. 'Doctor Who' Moffat talks Capaldi cameo Steven Moffat discusses numberings of the Doctors after 50th anniversary special. Doctor Who: Moffat on regeneration limit The Day of The Doctor wins the award for the largest simulcast of a TV drama. 'Doctor Who' earns Guinness World Record Anniversary episode brought in 37.4% of audience share last night (November 23). 'The Day of The Doctor' attracts 10.2m The Fifth Doctor actor celebrates Doctor Who's anniversary with comedy short. Doctor Who: Peter Davison in comedy clip What was the reaction online to the anniversary special 'The Day of The Doctor'? Doctor Who 50th: The Twitter reactions Read the DS verdict on Doctor Who's long-awaited anniversary episode. 'Doctor Who' 50th: Digital Spy review The show's lead actor speaks about the impact of the 50 anniversary episode. Smith: '50th changed show's mythology' The Fourth Doctor speaks about the 50th celebrations and anniversary episode. Baker: 'Doctor Who was my happiest time' Doctor Who showrunner jokes that viewers were robbed of the John Hurt years. Moffat: 'Grade conned Doctor Who fans' The previously unseen 'Day of The Doctor' clip is released online by the BBC. 'Doctor Who' 50th deleted scene - watch Past and future stars of the sci-fi series appear in the anniversary episode. Baker, Capaldi cameo in Doctor Who 50th An 11-second advert for the sci-fi show's festive episode is shown online. 'Doctor Who': Christmas trailer - watch Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson speak with Matt Smith over transatlantic connection. One Direction congratulate 'Doctor Who' Let us know your thoughts on Doctor Who's anniversary episode. 'Doctor Who' 50th special: Have your say Actor says playing The Doctor is a job he will "miss forever". Matt Smith: 'Doctor Who like James Bond' The showrunner talks the ninth Doctor's absence from the anniversary special. Moffat 'knew Eccleston wouldn't do 50th' The anniversary event will be attended by stars of the BBC sci-fi series. Matt Smith opens Doctor Who Celebration Five shows that aimed to replace our sci-fi favourite - from 1989 to 2005. 5 shows that wanted to be 'Doctor Who' The duo joke about the size of their sonic screwdrivers. Tennant, Smith on Graham Norton - photos Rescue the six GOOGLE letters from Daleks and Cybermen. Doctor Who gets Google Doodle game Mark Gatiss drama takes some liberties but remains engaging and uplifting. 'An Adventure in Space and Time' review Gatiss talks the surprising final moments of 'An Adventure in Space and Time'. Gatiss on 'Who' biopic's surprise ending A 5-minute short film will air in a change to scheduled programming. Doctor Who: BBC Two to air Hartnell doc The 15-minute episode will debut on the digital service on Saturday. Peter Davison for Doctor Who 50th spoof The sci-fi showrunner talks Doctors old and new in a Digital Spy video interview. Steven Moffat talks 'Doctor Who' 50th Two Doctors unite for a Digital Spy 50th anniversary video interview. Smith, Tennant talk 'Doctor Who' 50th Another former Doctor announces he will appear in this Saturday's 75-minute special. Doctor Who 50th: Past Doctor to return? 11 Doctors, 11 defining moments in the new Week in Geek blog. 'Doctor Who' at 50: 11 Golden Moments An Adventure in Space and Time will air on Thursday (November 21) on BBC Two. 'Doctor Who' biopic first clip - watch Tom Baker, John Hurt also attend 50th anniversary reception at Buckingham Palace. Matt Smith at Doctor Who 50th reception