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BBC/ITV coverage of Euro 2004 games

The full list of who's got what in this summer's Euro 2004 tournament follows:

Saturday 12 June
BBC: Portugal v Greece (5.00pm), Spain v Russia (7.45pm)

Sunday 13 June
BBC: Switzerland v Croatia (5.00pm)
ITV: France v England (7.45pm)

Monday 14 June
ITV: Denmark v Italy (5.00pm), Sweden v Bulgaria (7.45pm)

Tuesday 15 June
ITV: Czech Republic v Latvia (5.00pm)
BBC: Germany v Netherlands (7.45pm)

Wednesday 16 June
BBC: Greece v Spain (5.00pm)
ITV: Russia v Portugal (7.45pm)

Thursday 17 June
ITV: England v Switzerland (5.00pm)
BBC: Croatia v France (7.45pm)

Friday 18 June
BBC: Bulgaria v Denmark (5.00pm)
ITV: Italy v Sweden (7.45pm)

Saturday 19 June
ITV: Latvia v Germany (5.00pm)
BBC: Netherlands v Czech Republic (7.45pm)

Sunday 20 June
BBC: Spain v Portugal (7.45pm), Russia v Greece (7.45pm)

Monday 21 June
BBC: Croatia v England (7.45pm), Switzerland v France (7.45pm)

Tuesday 22 June
ITV: Italy v Bulgaria (7.45pm), Denmark v Sweden (7.45pm)

Wednesday 23 June
ITV: Netherlands v Latvia (7.45pm), Germany v Czech Republic (7.45pm)

Quarter Finals
BBC gets picks one and two, ITV picks three and four.

Semi Finals / Final
Both broadcasters will share coverage.

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