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Miranda Sawyer tired of 'clever' comics

Miranda Sawyer tired of 'clever' comics

Rex Features

Broadcaster Miranda Sawyer has complained about the number of "clever-clever" comedians working at the BBC.

The journalist and TV host claimed that the corporation prefers to hire presenters with similar styles rather than providing a wide variety of approaches on its programmes.

Speaking to the Radio Times, she commented: "Paul Merton, Billy Connolly, Michael Palin, it's always the same people.

"Waltzing around exotic places to give you their witty take on funny foreigners, or uniting the nation behind a great cause. And when they're replaced, it's by the same kind of celeb - clever-clever male comedians who do well on panel shows."

Sawyer has appeared on a number of BBC TV shows over the years, including Newsnight Review, The Culture Show and The Daily Politics.

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