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Gail Porter felt "helpless" in sex doc

Gail Porter nearly slips out of her baggy top as she poses for the camera with daughter Honey Porter


Gail Porter has revealed that she felt "helpless" while fronting a documentary on prostitution.

Porter is hosting a new investigative documentary about the sex industry - Gail Porter On Prostitution - which airs next Monday on Current TV at 10pm.

She told DS: "I'm a very emotional person so there were a few times that there were a few tears, and I did feel helpless in certain situations.

"I did a police raid on a brothel in Ipswich. The house was tiny. It was vile, absolutely horrible. She just got on a train and went away, their living conditions are shocking."

The 39-year-old added: "She tried to do prostitution for a few months to get some cash and get a job, but because of the law in this country, she was given a criminal record and 20 years down the line she can't get out of prostitution.

"She's stuck, and she's really strong, and she really broke down, and I can't do anything. It makes me think the law in this country is stupid."

Porter further claimed that government action will not put a stop to sex workers: "I don't take a moral stance, that's the wrong way of looking at prostitution. People are going to work in a sex industry, and that's not going to go away."
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