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'Trollied': First look at Sky1's new comedy

By and Tom Mansell
Sky1 has released two promotional photographs for its new comedy Trollied.

The show is set in the fictional supermarket Valco and focuses on the staff working there.

The cast includes Jane Horrocks, Mark Addy, Jason Watkins and Chanel Cresswell.

"I was attracted to Trollied as soon as I saw the scripts," Horrocks said. "They were very funny. They're well-structured and well-written. I liked the character and I knew what I was going to be able to do with her."

She joked: "With a character like Julie, who's so disliked by the majority of people in the supermarket, you have to hope that people don't think I'm like that as a person."


© Sky

Meanwhile, Horrocks' co-star Mark Addy described his character as "a guy who has opinions on all kinds of things from Bjork to whether the lunar landings really happened".

"He's one of those people who you can't quite believe is saying what he's saying," he said. "I was drawn to Trollied as the supermarket is a place that people from all walks of life know and are familiar with, but I'd never seen anything like this before."


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Trollied, which is being executive produced by The IT Crowd's Ash Atalla, is scheduled to air in July on Sky1.
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