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'Sooty Show', 'Fun House', 'Press Gang' return for CITV 30th birthday

CITV is celebrating its 30th birthday by scheduling a weekend of retro kids TV classics from the '80s and '90s.

The Old Skool Weekend, which will take place on January 5-6, will feature repeats of popular old favourites such as The Sooty Show, Knightmare, Fun House and Press Gang.

Watch 'The Sooty Show' intro:

ITV children's presenters from the last 30 years such as Ant and Dec, Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton, Christopher Biggins and Matthew Kelly will also be interviewed about their favourite memories and shows.

The full schedule for the weekend is below:

Saturday, January 5
09.25 Mike & Angelo
09.50 Super Gran
10.15 Wizadora
10.30 T-Bag Strikes Again

Watch a clip of 'T-Bag Strikes Again':

10.50 Engie Benjy
11.05 The Raggy Dolls
11.15 Puddle Lane
11.35 Count Duckula
12.00 The Sooty Show
12.25 Art Attack
12.40 The Big Bang
13.00 Finders Keepers
13.30 Fun House
14.00 Knightmare

Watch the intro to 'Knightmare':

14.30 Fraggle Rock

Watch the 'Fraggle Rock' intro:

15.00 The Worst Witch
15.30 Woof!
16.00 Dramarama
16.30 Press Gang
17.00 The Tomorrow People (90's Version)
17.30 Children's Ward

Sunday, January 6
09.25 Mike & Angelo
09.50 Spatz
10.10 Huxley Pig
10.30 Rainbow
10.50 Button Moon
11.05 The Riddlers
11.15 Rosie & Jim
11.35 Dangermouse
12.00 Sooty & Co
12.25 How 2
12.40 Finger Tips
13.00 Jungle Run
13.30 Fun House

Watch the 'Fun House' intro:

14.00 Knightmare
14.30 Fraggle Rock
15.00 My Parents are Aliens
15.30 Woof!
16.00 Dramarama
16.30 Press Gang

Watch the 'Press Gang' intro:

17.00 The Tomorrow People (90s Version)
17.30 Children's Ward

What is your favourite CITV show from the '80s or '90s? Let us know below!
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