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'Game of Thrones' Charles Dance: 'Reality TV is mind-numbing s**te'

Charles Dance has said that reality TV is "mind-numbing" and "s***e".

The Game of Thrones actor told Metro that aside from reality shows, British TV is improving.

Charles Dance

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"It seems to be getting better. Every now and then we'll come up with something really good - the tried-and-tested format of Downton Abbey goes on and The Hour is very well made," Dance said.

"Secret State was pretty bloody good but we also turn out a load of s**t - I'm thinking principally of the worst of reality TV, which is mind-numbing."

Asked if he ever watched such shows, he added: "Only Gareth Malone's choir shows - his love of what he does and his enthusiasm is infectious and he finds great talent in people who probably think they didn't have any.

"That's the only one I watch. I think the rest is s***e."

Charles Dance in Sky Atlantic comedy shorts Common Ground - photo gallery:
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