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New TV star Incredible Mr Goodwin dangles from London Eye - pictures

Professional danger man Jonathan Goodwin has performed a stunt to launch his new TV series on Watch, involving him dangling from the London Eye on a burning rope.

The new TV star, whose Incredible Mr Goodwin series debuts tomorrow, was filmed escaping from a straitjacket as he was hung upside down perilously from the top of the famous landmark.

British daredevil Jonathan Goodwin dangling from London Eye

© PA Images / David Parry / PA Wire

British daredevil Jonathan Goodwin

Goodwin is a pro escapologist, who mixes the skills of Houdini and Superman with his everyday life as a father and family man.

His new TV series features breathtaking stunts that include attaching himself to a car which is being fired off a cliff, climbing all the way around a speeding car, triggering a bear trap with his arm, and lots more out-of-this-world stunts of bravery, agility and physical strength.

British daredevil Jonathan Goodwin dangling from London Eye

© PA Images / David Parry / PA Wire

Speaking about his series to Digital Spy recently, Goodwin said: "All of this is very much a performance. I'm not naturally an adrenaline junkie. I don't get a big high after I do this stuff, I tend to chill out. So the reason that I do this stuff is to create a show.

"It's about reopening the world of daredevil showmen that doesn't really exist anymore, because I love it, I think it's amazing and I want to show it to as many people as I possibly can."

Describing his job, he added: "I started off as an escape artist so I'd definitely call myself that. But trying to come up with a word that sums up everything that is in the series is very difficult. The closest I get is a daredevil. But you can call me whatever you like!"

The Incredible Mr. Goodwin

© Watch / Steven Neaves

The Incredible Mr. Goodwin

The Incredible Mr Goodwin starts on Watch at 9pm tomorrow (March 7).

Watch an exclusive clip of The Incredible Mr Goodwin below:

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