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What to Watch: Tonight's TV Picks - Arrow, Person of Interest

Arrow: Sky1, 8pm

Stephen Amell as The Arrow and Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson in Arrow S02E23: 'Unthinkable'

© The CW / Cate Cameron

The season finale of Arrow sees a dramatic declaration of all-out war between Slade and Team Arrow.

Starling City is on the brink of collapse, and a close friend of Oliver Queen is kidnapped. Will Oliver (Stephen Amell) do what it takes to save the day, and will he come full circle as a hero?

From There To Here: BBC One, 9pm

Steven Mackintosh as Robbo in From There to Here

© BBC / Kudos/Robert Viglasky

The first episode of this new three-part drama series airs tonight, starring Philip Glenister as a husband and father who finds his life turned upside down after an IRA bomb blast.

It is the day of England and Scotland's meet at the European Championship in 1996 when Daniel Cotton is caught up in an attack that transforms him - and Manchester - forever.

Restless and reckless, Daniel embarks on a double life that is set to destroy his world all over again.

Playhouse Presents: Nightshift: Sky Arts 1, 9pm

Ashley Walter & Daniel Mays in Playhouse Presents: Nightshift

© Sky Arts/Ollie Upton

Two police officers, Guv and Armani, are working through a night shift in South-East London when they're called to a disturbance at a block of flats.

Told to arrest a drunk woman by their by-the-book colleague, Guv and Armani's unconventional response leaves them in a difficult situation.

Person of Interest: Channel 5, 10pm

Michael emerson & Amy Acker in Person of Interest S02E21: 'Zero Day'

© Warner Bros. / Giovanni Rufino

The penultimate episode of season two sees Finch dig deeper into the activities of millionaire CEO Ernest Thornhill after the Machine produces his social security number.

As Finch and Reese's investigation continues, they discover vital information about the Machine itself as it is revealed to be in grave danger.
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