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Popstars winners revealed

The five winners of ITV's Popstars programme were officially revealed yesterday, ending months of speculation over the finalists.

The five - revealed on Friday by Digital Spy - are Suzanne Shaw, Myleene Klass, Noel Sullivan, Kym Marsh and Danny Foster.

Myleene, 22, said: "Being part of the band means so much to me because no matter how much work I had done in the world of musical theatre, pop has always been my first love."

19-year-old Suzanne said: "I'm looking forward to the band being a success and doing the job well. The most exciting thing so far has been hearing our vocals come together for the first time in the studio."

Kym, 24, said: "I'm looking forward to performing live, being able to buy my kids the best of everything and looking after my mum and dad."

The band - as yet unnamed - are currently in Norway recording their debut album. They will return to the UK tomorrow for their official press launch.

For pictures of the band, see here.

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