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'X Factor' Judges' Houses: The Boys - Who should make the Live Shows?

We haven't been this excited about a week of X Factor since Wagner was last seen bashing his Congas on a Saturday night. It's Judges' Houses time and in six days we'll know who the X Factor Top 16 are going to be.

All week, Reality Bites will be giving our verdict on who should be selected in each category. First up, it's Gary Barlow's boys:

Reality Bites' Top Four

The X Factor UK: Final 32


Marcus Collins
Our favourite of the boys at this moment in time. Marcus has soul, stage presence, attitude, the look, the hunger.... he should walk it.

The X Factor UK: Final 32


James Michael
A unique voice, an incredible falsetto and an unfortunate penchant for daft hats, James stands out vocally as something very special.

The X Factor UK: Final 32


Craig Colton
Biscuit factor worker Craig blew us away at his first audition and his warmth and sense of humour are an added bonus. A very likable character and a potential winner.

The X Factor UK: Final 32


Joe Cox
With a singing style that makes Aiden Grimshaw look conventional, Joe Cox would be a risky pic. But wonky hands dance moves aside, Cox blends humble charm with unusual vocal tones and wooed us with his Boot Camp routine.

Reality Bites: Who we would cut

The X Factor UK: Final 32
Frankie Cocozza As cute as a button and the owner of a pair of buttocks that every woman in the country wants to squeeze. But his vocals? Not cutting the mustard for us.

The X Factor UK: Final 32
Max Vickers While the potential for great headlines with Max are incredible (his job involves dressing up as a squirrel), he's failed to excite us in any of his auditions so far.

The X Factor UK: Final 32
Luke Lucas A delightful audition, a name that would sound delightful in the hands of Peter Dickson, but a voice that needs a couple of years to mature.

The X Factor UK: Final 32
John Wilding It's second time around at Judges' House for John Wilding, but we still don't think he's got enough sparkle to go with his (almost too) polished vocals. Yes, we know, we're heartless.

Do you agree with our selection? Share your views below

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