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'Strictly Come Dancing' Katya Virshilas: 'Dan Lobb needs to trust me'

Dan Lobb arrives for the launch of Strictly Come Dancing 2011

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Daybreak's Dan Lobb is having issues with trust in his Strictly Come Dancing training.

The TV presenter, who is partnered by Katya Virshilas, has confessed to early problems in rehearsals for his first waltz on the BBC One reality show.

"Katya's crammed a lot into our first session," he said. "There has been a lot to take in and it's been tough. There have been moments where I felt a little bit overloaded.

"I'm a hard taskmaster and I'm always my own worst critic."

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Virshilas insisted that Lobb could be a success on the dance floor as long as he conquers his self-doubt.

"The first day is always going to be tough and new, but we're going to produce a gorgeous waltz," she said.

"Dan needs to trust himself more, he's really self-conscious and he needs to learn to trust me... and work hard."

Strictly Come Dancing debuts with a double bill on September 30 and October 1 on BBC One.

Watch Dan Lobb in training for Strictly below:

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