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Strictly Come Dancing: Colin Salmon blames height difference for exit

Colin Salmon has put his exit from Strictly Come Dancing down to the height difference between himself and Kristina Rihanoff.

The Arrow and Resident Evil actor became the fourth contestant to leave the show on Sunday (November 4), losing out to Daybreak showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold and Erin Boag in the dance-off.

Colin Salmon and Richard Arnold find themselves in Strictly Come Dancing bottom two - 4 Nov 2012


"It's difficult when you have such a height difference," Salmon told The Sun. "Aesthetically, I don't think it will ever be a pleasing sight to see a tall guy with a short girl. It will never be that standard ballroom look, so we were always having to fight that.

"Kristina is an excellent dancer, no question. But I was puzzled by why they put us together. Maybe they thought I could pull it off - everyone kept telling me what a wonderful actor I was, although one week that seemed to be a good thing and another it seemed to be a problem!"

Strictly Come Dancing Show 1: Kristina and Colin


Salmon said that he found it difficult to respond to feedback telling him that he should move more because "if I took a stride Kristina had to take two, so I couldn't!"

The couple achieved their highest score of the competition on Saturday night (November 3), picking up 27 points for their foxtrot.

Watch Colin Salmon and Kristina Rihanoff's foxtrot below:

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