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'Talent' climbs to 11.9 million

'Talent' climbs to 11.9 million
Britain's Got Talent added more than 1.3 million viewers on Saturday to notch up a huge victory in the ratings.

According to early figures, the second episode of the talent contest averaged a massive 11.86m (50.6%) for ITV1 between 7.55pm and 8.55pm. The audience peaked with 13.48m (53.7%) in the final five minutes.

Talent was head-and-shoulders the most watched programme on Saturday. The second most-watched was Casualty, which took 5.4m (23.1%) for BBC One between 8.45pm and 9.35pm.

John Barrowman's new Saturday night series Tonight's The Night got off to a strong start at 6.55pm, with 4.59m (23.9%). It beat ITV1's Primeval, which had 4.45m (23.2%) over the same period.

After Talent, the latest visit to Hell's Kitchen, which saw Jody Latham fired by Marco Pierre White, drew 4.86m (21.8%).

The National Lottery - 1 vs 100 picked up 3.58m (15.5%) for BBC One at 7.55pm, and earlier, Robin Hood appealed to 3.91m (24.3%).

ITV1 had an average share of 28.5% to BBC One's 19.1%.

Live coverage of Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Stuart Bingham in World Snooker brought in 1.44m (7.3%) to BBC Two at 7pm, after which a Dad's Army repeat managed 1.56m (6.7%). Timewatch - Young Victoria followed with 1.43m (6.1%).

Five's NCIS double-bill put in 932k (4.3%) and 1.38m (5.9%) from 7.35pm, then a new episode of CSI: NY nabbed 2.53m (12.4%). Law & Order closed off prime with 1.38m (9.4%).

A rerun of Time Team: The First Tudor Place was seen by 770k (3.3%) on Channel 4 in the 8pm hour, then The Unsinkable Titanic - examining why the famous ship sank in 1912 - pulled in 1.18m (5.5%).

Five had a strong third place finish on Saturday with an average share of 7%. BBC Two was fourth with 6.4%, followed by Channel 4 with 4.7% (+1: 0.7%).

Britain's Got More Talent was the most popular multichannel programme on Saturday, drawing 1.49m (7.3%) to ITV2 at 8.55pm and a further 268k (1.6%) on ITV2+1.

BBC Three's Family Guy marathon maintained a high audience from 9pm, peaking with 887k (5.3%) for its 10.20pm episode.

Ratings data supplied by Attentional

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