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'Got To Dance' final attracts 1.1 million

'Got To Dance' final attracts 1.1 million


Last night's live Got To Dance final pulled in a decent 1.12m (4.7%) for Sky1, early viewing figures show.

The 90-minute special, which saw 10-year-old street dancer Akai Osei crowned the winner, pulled in the largest audience for the series since the January 3 instalment, which logged 1.14m (4.3%).

Also on the multichannel stations last night, Being Human dropped to 700k (2.7%) for BBC Three - down around 267k on last week's performance - and Sky1's screening of the latest episode of 24 grabbed 502k (1.9%).

Elsewhere, Lark Rise to Candleford averaged 6.31m (23%) for BBC One during the 8pm hour, and Seven Ages of Britain took 4.5m (17.1%) at 9pm.

Top Gear Winter Olympics Special interested 2.18m (8.1%) for BBC Two at 7.30pm, then the audience climbed to 2.54m (9.5%) during live Olympics coverage between 8.30pm and 10pm.

Dancing On Ice attracted a respectable 8.38m (31.4%) to ITV1 between 7pm and 8.45pm, then the results show claimed 7.21m (29.6%) at 9.45pm. Wild At Heart and Piers Morgan's Life Stories: Gordon Brown had 7.3m (27.5%) and 3.91m (21.8%) at 8.45pm and 10.15pm respectively.

X-Men pulled in 930k (3.5%) for Channel 4 across the 8pm-10pm period.

50 First Dates managed 1.53m (5.7%) for Five between 7pm and 8.45pm, then Adam Sandler comedy Click brought in 1.87m (7.7%).

Overall, ITV1 dominated primetime with an average share of 28.9% to BBC One's 20.9%. BBC Two was third with 8.1%, followed by Five's 6.7% and Channel 4 with 3.3% (+1: 0.5%).

BARB ratings data supplied by Attentional

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