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Sherlock Top Story Wear the damn hat! Sherlock's special trailer dropped yesterday and everyone is very excited Moustaches, horse-drawn carriages, Victoriana... and of course that damn hat.
"You're Sherlock Holmes, wear the damn hat!" Watch the ace Sherlock Christmas trailer Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Amanda Abbington will be present at the show's panel this month. Sherlock team to appear at London Comic Con Steven Moffat also teases "strong surprises" for the next full series of Sherlock. Confirmed! Sherlock special will air at Christmas "Do we really think that Sherlock Holmes lived through a Dalek invasion?" Sherlock/Doctor Who "not going to happen" The actor says initially he was cautious about taking on the populist role in Sherlock. Cumberbatch was wary about playing Sherlock Also get the scoop on Andrew's involvement with the James Bond franchise. Andrew Scott: 'Sherlock fans aren't nuts' A new Sherlock figure from Underground Toys will arrive in November. Now you can own all 5 inches of Cumberbatch "We hope to carry on as long as we can," he confirms. Mark Gatiss: No end in sight for Sherlock Five years on, how does the mooted pilot stack up to 'A Study in Pink'? Investigating the unaired Sherlock pilot "Miss me?" Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott and Mark Gatiss delight fans. See Sherlock stars' funny Comic-Con video Sherlock and Watson go all the way back to the 1890s for a one-off Christmas adventure. Sherlock: Watch the first special teaser Spend this holiday season with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in a cinema near you. Sherlock special is coming to cinemas Steven Moffat and Rupert Graves offer up new tidbits about the upcoming special and season 4. Sherlock at Comic-Con: As it happened Show co-creator shares more on Victorian special and series 4 in a new interview straight from San Diego Comic-Con. Moffat on Sherlock special's 'different tone' Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are strikingly dapper in new promo for BBC holiday special. Sherlock goes Victorian in new picture Find out which of the cast and crew will be attending the annual fan event. Sherlock is heading to Comic-Con 2015 In true detective style, we've pieced together what few clues we have about plots, filming and air dates. Sherlock series 4: Everything we know Steven Moffat reveals why the next Sherlock episode is set in 1895. Why is Sherlock going Victorian? Steven Moffatt and Amanda Abbington accepted the award at London's Theatre Royal. Sherlock wins Audience Award BAFTA Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue confirmed the news while speaking at BAFTA awards. New Sherlock filming starts in spring 2016 Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have to pitch every Sherlock series to their stars. How does Sherlock lure back its stars? The actress made an impression as Irene Adler in the show. Will Lara Pulver ever return to Sherlock? Writer and co-creator reveals the exact year in which the special takes place. Gatiss clarifies Sherlock special's year "The guy being clothed and the girl being naked - that's not reality." Lara Pulver turned down Da Vinci nude scenes Steven Moffat says it is his instinct to give the fans "everything they want". Moffat backs Doctor Who, Sherlock crossover Molly actress describes star Martin Freeman as "a robot in the most brilliant way". Louise Brealey on Sherlock special Steven Moffat hints at plot developments and a dark fourth season. Sherlock series 4 is 'an emotional upheaval' Gatiss spoke to DS at the Game of Thrones s5 premiere. Mark Gatiss talks "side-step" Sherlock The actor is now set to play Mandelson himself in Channel 4's new drama Coalition. Gatiss: 'Peter Mandelson inspired Mycroft' The 90-minute episode is expected to air later this year ahead of the new series. Sherlock special set in Victorian London Find out who went up for the part of the villain before Andrew Scott was cast. Who auditioned for Sherlock's Moriarty? An 80-year-old Sir Arthur Conan Doyle work is unearthed in an attic in Selkirk. New Sherlock Holmes story found in attic Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman film in Victorian costume for the Christmas special. Sherlock: New on-set pictures Freeman, Cumberbatch and the Sherlock cast are filming a Christmas special. Sherlock films in Gloucester: Set pictures There were over 3.5bn TV and Radio requests made in 2014, up from 3.1bn in 2013. Sherlock helps break BBC iPlayer record The Sherlock star says the "intermittent" filming makes the show "do-able". Martin Freeman on Sherlock's appeal Mark Gatiss and director Douglas Mackinnon tweet quotes from an Arthur Conan Doyle story. Sherlock special based on Blue Carbuncle? "Element-hairy, my dear Watson" - Sherlock kicks off filming for the Christmas special. Sherlock starts filming with "hairy" addition Call the Midwife and The Casual Vacancy also appear in BBC One 2015 trailer. See Sherlock, Doctor Who in BBC trailer Hannibal returns, Mad Men ends and many, many more... 15 best returning TV shows for 2015