Big Brother

Big Brother Top Story Twitter isn't happy after Simon Gross returns to the Big Brother house "Oh dear lord. This is the apocalypse, showbiz Simon is back in!!"
Harry Amelia Martin, Marc O'Neill and Sam Kay join the house, while Simon Gross also returns. Big Brother: Four new housemates are in We talk to Marc O'Neill about stripping, what he's like drunk, and his take on the housemates. Big Brother: 12 things about Marc O'Neill The ex-housemate says he cried and was "emotional" when he was invited back. Simon Gross returns to the Big Brother house Get the lowdown on the four contestants entering the house as part of the latest Timebomb. Meet the new Big Brother housemates Emma Willis marks off the contestants who have gone. Big Brother: Which four were evicted? Sarah thinks Joel is behaving inappropriately in the wake of Aaron's departure. BB's Sarah and Joel fall out over Aaron Harriet was seen to be encouraging Aaron's rowdy behaviour in the bedroom. BB tells off Harriet over Aaron incident "I really like him as a person. I'm really sad he's gone," he tells Big Brother. Big Brother: Joel responds to Aaron exit Which of the housemates came out of last night's show looking good? Big Brother Day 16: Good Day / Bad Day Who's leaving the house tomorrow is the current hot topic of conversation. Big Brother's Chloe hopes for new housemate The pair put their differences behind them as they complete a task in the house. Big Brother's Amy and Jade are friends again Channel 5 also drops hints about the three new housemates joining the show. Big Brother: A familiar face WILL return Big Brother has really surprised us this time. Big Brother: How we reacted to the twist Aaron Frew has been removed from the Big Brother house. Big Brother exits 'rowdy, naked' housemate It's time for our daily verdict on which housemates are rising and falling. Big Brother Day 15: Good Day / Bad Day It's all change in the Big Brother house this week. Big Brother is replacing four housemates The house faces the prospect of going through another week on rations. BB: Housemates struggle with shopping task "I'm that close to calling him a pompous little asswipe to his face." BB's Jade and Joel STILL don't get along Jack McDermott must keep the twist a secret from his housemates, or face expulsion. Big Brother's shock nominations twist Last night's episode felt like classic Big Brother, but who came out of it well? Big Brother Day 14: Good Day / Bad Day Harriet and Chloe overhear the conversation in the Big Brother house. Aaron has a not-so-private chat with Eileen Nick and Joel discuss Jade's recent falling out with Eileen and the twins. Big Brother: Jade's motives are questioned Who manages to land an invite to Jade's exclusive luxury pool party? BB: Housemates perform in pool party task A disappointed Joel asks Sarah why she named him over Jade. BB: Joel is upset that Sarah nominated him We bring you our daily verdict about who's doing well in the house and who isn't. Big Brother Day 13: Good Day / Bad Day The Big Brother housemates have been busy nominating – find out who is on the block. Big Brother nominations revealed Nick admits the thought of delivering nominations makes him want to quit the show. BB: Nick Henderson upset about nominations "Is there a nice way to say there is nothing more than friends without offending her?" BB: Danny doesn't want to lead Sarah on The model admitted that she had turned in to a "f***ing bitch" in order to defend herself. Big Brother: Jade feels "ganged up on" "She is just so awful, a horrible horrible personality." Big Brother: The twins aren't fans of Jade Which of the housemates had a good day in the house, and who struggled? Big Brother Day 12: Good Day / Bad Day The housemates go head to head for a chance to receive Jade's luxuries. BB: More housemates win luxury privileges Things start to turn sour when Nick doubts whether Jade is being genuine. Big Brother: Is the romance over for Nick and Jade? Jade and Nick's comments about Amy, Sally and Cristian are revealed to the whole Big Brother house. Jade isn't the most popular housemate right now Which of the housemates had a good day in the house, and who struggled? Big Brother Day 11: Good Day / Bad Day Housemates start to talk as Nick and Jade spend the day cuddling. Big Brother: Nick and Jade spark romance rumours Amy's feeling a little worse for wear after she wakes up from a heavy night. Big Brother: Sally and Amy get a telling off The pair have another row, this time about the eviction. Big Brother: Sarah and Cristian row again Adjoa Mensah reveals that she thinks her parents prayed for her to get evicted. Adjoa: 'God didn't want me in Big Brother' In our daily feature, we see which housemates shine and which ones struggle. BB Day 10: Good day / bad day