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Big Brother Top Story Big Brother: Jasmine Lennard is back in the house - and gives Cristian a passionate snog The hotel guest makes an instant impact, giving Cristian a passionate kiss.
Hotel BB opens, but who did well and who came across badly last night? Big Brother Day 49: Good Day / Bad Day John McCririck has spent a day in the Big Brother house as part of the hotel task this week. BB: John McCririck on "virus" Marc Charley talks to DS after her stay in Hotel BB to discuss flirting with Marc and what Aisleyne's doing wrong. Big Brother: Charley on her big return Danny comments on Jack's poor reaction to being nominated the previous day. BB's Danny: 'Jack needs to win the show' "You only fall in love once," Marc tells the Big Brother 8 housemate. Big Brother: Charley books into Hotel BB John calls Marc a nasty piece of work: "I can't stand wind-up merchants." Big Brother: John McCririck enters Hotel BB 'I have no reason to lie about this whatsoever.' Big Brother: Nikki denies Helen's claims Nominations in the Big Brother house cause upset, but who looked bad last night? Big Brother Day 48: Good Day / Bad Day Helen claims that Nikki received special treatment - including chocolate in her contract. BB Helen: 'Nikki received formal warning' "What an absolute disaster," Jack complains after the latest round of nominations. Big Brother: The nominations cause outrage Nick Henderson's jokey interruption did not go down well with Harry Amelia Martin. Big Brother's Nick and Harry fall out again Find out how the housemates cast their all-important nominations yesterday. Big Brother: Who nominated whom, and why? We give our daily verdict on which housemates impressed and which didn't. Big Brother Day 47: Good Day / Bad Day The nominations are in, so which housemate would you like to send packing on Friday? Big Brother: Who should be evicted? Four housemates are facing the public vote, and one of them is really not happy about it. Big Brother: Which housemates face eviction? Danny defends the argument saying "a good person doesn't need to explain why they are a good person". BB: Danny & Marc on their argument last night Pair forced to wind cassette tapes and dance to 'Birdie Song' while housemates party. Big Brother's Sam and Marc endure '80s hell Danny comforts Aisleyne after she gets upset about men seeing her as "a bit of fun". Big Brother: Danny and Aisleyne get close We assess who in the house impressed and who didn't in our daily verdict. Big Brother Day 46: Good Day / Bad Day "I understand how those comments are offensive [but] I was goaded to the point of breaking." BB Helen: 'I regret calling Brian a rapist' Following her exit from the house, Nikki has said Nick reminds her of ex and former Big Brother winner Pete Bennett. BB: Nikki speaks about caring for Nick The pair started arguing after Marc continually asked Nick if he wants to win the show. BB: Danny warned for aggressive behaviour The latest Big Brother evictee wasn't surprised to see Jack in the bottom two. BB's Simon: 'Jack must change his behaviour' We give our verdict on who impressed and who struggled. Big Brother Day 45: Good Day / Bad Day "I find her and Marc very overpowering together. They're quite intimidating." Big Brother's Nikki on "intimidating" Helen Mr Showbiz dishes his thoughts on why Jack should have gone and his bond with Marc. Big Brother: Simon Gross interview Nikki Grahame chats her dislike of Helen, her love of Nick, and much more. Big Brother Nikki: 'Helen needs to get help' Celebrity guests will complete stints in the house following an interior reshuffle. Big Brother: John McCririck's going back in Timewarp housemates' return to the house comes to an end. Big Brother: Helen, Nikki exit the house Eight housemates faced elimination this week - but who have the public voted out? Big Brother: Who's been evicted? Out of over 13,000 readers who voted, 33% said they'd like to see Jack evicted. Big Brother: DS readers want Jack out We debate whether the new and 'legendary' housemates really benefited this series. Is Big Brother trying too hard for drama? Channel 5 confirms that it's time for the legendary housemates to pack their bags. Big Brother Helen and Nikki leaving tonight Jack is nervous about this week's eviction, but has no plans on leaving. BB's Jack: "I passionately want to win" Aisleyne's back, and already she's had a huge impact on the Big Brother house. Big Brother Day 44: Good Day / Bad Day Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace is horrified when she hears about Helen Wood's comments. Big Brother Aisleyne rages about Brian's exit But Danny Wisker is pleased that Aisleyne has entered to turn the tables on Helen. Big Brother Helen calls Aisleyne a slut "You're loathed by the nation because you're bitter and vile," says Nikki. BB: Nikki calls Helen "pure poison" "I'm staying away from that bitch. I need to avoid her like the plague," Helen later says. BB: Aisleyne calls Helen a "basic bitch" It all kicked off big time in the Big Brother house, but who came out of it well? Big Brother Day 43: Good Day / Bad Day