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Big Brother Top Story Big Brother: The male housemates become webcam boys and it's awful Luisa Zissman has some weird fantasies, if the latest task is anything to go by.
Ashleigh advises that "relationships are all about compromising". BB Christopher: 'Mark is a good kisser' Housemates will also need to act like different websites to get a luxury budget. Big Brother housemates make viral videos Winston had to delete four letters from home as part of the latest task. Big Brother: Who received letters from home? Pav Paul receives a total of seven nominations, out of a possible eight. BB: This week's full nomination list Four housemates will receive letters from home, four will be disappointed. BB's Winston to judge Letters From Home task Find out which housemates are up for the public vote this week. Big Brother: Who is up for eviction? The winning team, voted by the public, are invited to a lavish party in the house. Big Brother: Step Up task winners revealed The public was given the chance to save one housemate from upcoming nominations. Big Brother: Who is immune from eviction this week? The winning dance team will get a Vegas-themed party. BB housemates become dance crews for task The businessman was one of four housemates nominated by Power Alliance trio. Steven leaves Big Brother house Whipped cream, insults and screaming galore in team's heart-rate face-off. Big Brother shopping task gets hearts racing Ash is tasked with getting angry at his housemates. Did BB Ash become Angry Ash? The ex-housemate gives a revealing interview on Big Brother's Bit On The Side. BB's Kimberly talks exit, Steve romance One of the power trio is thrown into the upcoming eviction battle. One of BB Power trio becomes nominated Housemates must compete in a series of games, rigged in favour of one team. Big Brother to rig challenges in new task Ashleigh, Mark and Chris put a third housemate up for the public vote. BB Power Alliance choose third nominee Who have Ashleigh and her Power Alliance chosen to face eviction this week? Big Brother: Power Alliance start plotting Christopher is a bit upset when Mark doesn't choose him to be in his band. BB: Is Mark pulling away from Christopher? Ash Harrison insists that he's not in a "f**king relationship" with Helen. BB: Are Ash and Helen a couple now then? This week will see the very first Power Alliance form in the Big Brother house. BB: The Power Housemate gets an ally The Big Brother housemates are paranoid after hearing the power is back. Who has the power in Big Brother now? Four housemates are sent to the 'naughty step' after stealing fast food. Big Brother: Who's on the 'naughty step'? Big Brother arranges for Steven to speak with Kimberly on the phone. Big Brother: Steven "upset" over Kimberly exit Housemates must split into two bands and perform on a stage area set up in the garden. Big Brother to put on its own music festival Housemates attempt to outdo each other in the latest Big Brother task. Big Brother: Who won the copycat task? Housemates must try to do something the other is unwilling to copy. Big Brother housemates for copycat task A new video shows the shocked housemates reacting to Kimberly's exit. Kimberly leaves Big Brother after illness Two remaining new housemates, Zoe and Pav, both chose to evict webcam girl. Danielle, Biannca leave Big Brother house 31-year-old spent just four nights in the house after entering on Monday, Biannca leaves Big Brother house Stripper Biannca Lake gets naked after drunken game of 'strip catch'. Big Brother: Biannca gets her bits out Pair get cosy while discussing the prospect of tonight's elimination. Big Brother: Helen and Ash kiss Biannca Lake spills details of Danielle from the outside world in a task. BB Danielle cries over 'raunchy' secrets Helen Wood will become a therapist to offer counselling to her fellow housemates. Why is BB Helen playing with puppets? Big Brother rises slightly for CBS, while Extant dips. Wednesday ratings: SYTYCD dips to low Helen Wood tells Ash Harrison to "f**k off" in the booze-fuelled disagreement. BB: Now Helen and Ash have had a tiff! Steven complains that he is being made to look like the "biggest tw*t". Big Brother: Kimberly cries in Steven row Mark Byron says he feels bad about how he has treated Christopher in the past. BB: Are Mark and Christopher back on? Biannca describes Winston as a "tw*t" after he calls her "a bit forward". BB Biannca fumes after mole task Danielle is horrified that the couple had sex while she was in the room. BB: Danielle, Kimberly talk Steven sex Steven Goode will give Biannca, Pavandeep and Zoe a grilling in today's task. BB Steven to urge newbies to open up