Big Brother

Big Brother Top Story TV show ratings: Rookie Blue dips to a new low on Thursday Big Brother and Under the Dome hold their ground.
The housemate caused over 1,100 complaints after comparing Brian Belo to a "rapist" back in June. C5 boss on 'bad person' Helen Wood No more "open it". Big Brother's Steven and Kimberley split Big Brother manages a modest rise against NFL coverage. Sunday ratings: NFL dominates Beauty and the Beast also sinks to a new low on August 6. Thursday ratings: Mistresses hits low "I wanted my very own Big Brother house so I've got all the same eye locks from the house and everything." Rylan has turned his home into a BB house America's Next Top Model is steady with its season premiere on August 5. Wednesday ratings: Mr. Robinson debuts "I'm doing this to try new things and to do more of the things I enjoy." Big Brother's Jack quits McDonald's The 2015 winner says she never had any "intention of chasing fame" in the house. Big Brother winner Chloe returns to old job The Big Brother stars are still best friends, as former host shares snaps ahead of big day. BB's Narinder is Brian Dowling's bridesmaid Did you know the stand-up comic once worked as a logger for Big Brother? Alex Horne: Big Brother inspired Taskmaster Glyn Wise has been selected to stand for Plaid Cymru in Cardiff Central. Big Brother's Glyn Wise has become a politician The finalist releases new song 'Watch This Space' after leaving the house on Thursday. Big Brother's Cristian releases rap video Joel Williams talks his bromance with Cristian, going to Soho with Nikki Grahame and regretting that pizza. Big Brother: Joel Williams interview "I may have years and years ago written something that I fully didn't mean - when I've been drunk or whatever." BB's Danny plays down offensive tweets The finalist talks Aisleyne, his rivalry with Marc, and those alleged tweets of his. BB Danny interview: 'I'm shocked to be third' The fifth-placed finalist talks Harry, buying his way into the final and what's next. BB Nick interview: 'Harry is amazing' Jack McDermott on his early status as favourite and getting in the bath with Nick and Harry. Big Brother: Jack McDermott interview The 2015 champion speaks out on Benidorm, donating to charity, and her dramatic escape attempt. BB Chloe interview: 'I'm gobsmacked!' Cristian MJC on why he was the real Cristian, what's going on with Jasmine, and Jack beating him to the button. Big Brother: Cristian MJC interview The figure for the live final is down almost half a million viewers from May's launch show. UK TV ratings: Big Brother climaxes with 1.2m The 25-year-old from Doncaster pips the wannabe prime minister to the prize fund. Chloe wins Big Brother, Joel is runner-up Chloe and Joel are the two left standing and will compete for the £116,100 prize fund. Big Brother: Danny ends up in third Chloe, Danny and Joel are still in contention to win the series. Big Brother: Jack finishes in fourth Chloe, Danny, Jack and Joel remain in contention to win the series. Big Brother: Nick and Cristian are 5th and 6th Who's going to win this series of Big Brother? We're about to find out... Big Brother final: As it happened The gang reflect over a three-course farewell dinner in the house. BB: Finalists look back on time in house We give our final daily verdict on who came across well and who struggled. Big Brother Day 64: Good Day / Bad Day More than one third of voters said they would like to see the Cardiff housemate become the 2015 winner. Big Brother: DS readers want Joel to win From food fights to spray tans, DS rounds up our favourite scenes from the past two months. 20 best Big Brother moments this series The Irish model makes a brief appearance, giving all six finalists some feedback. Big Brother: Jade returns to the house We give our daily verdict on who came across well and who didn't. Big Brother Day 63: Good Day / Bad Day The finalists will be given earpieces for Bit on the Side's instalment from inside the house. Housemates to eavesdrop on Wednesday's BB BOTS We take a look at some of the evicted housemates this series who went too soon. Big Brother: Who should have made the final "Aisleyne, Helen or Sarah - which one did you prefer?" Danny is asked. Big Brother housemates grill each other Danny expresses regret for tweeting: "Fat birds trying it on with me in clubs. Stick to your own kind." BB broadcasts Danny's "fat birds" tweet We give our daily verdict on who came across well and who didn't. Big Brother Day 62: Good Day / Bad Day Jack swims in fish guts and tops up his spray tan to boost the winner's pot one last time. Big Brother: Final prize fund is confirmed Digital Spy gives our verdict on who we want to see win on Thursday night. Big Brother: Ranking the 6 finalists The finalist calls the £116,100 prize fund a "life-changing" amount. BB's Danny: 'Winning would mean so much' We assess which housemates came across well and who didn't in our daily verdict. Big Brother Day 61: Good Day / Bad Day