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Big Brother Top Story Big Brother Day 9: Who had a good day, and who had a bad day? It's time for our daily verdict on which of the housemates have had a good day.
We take a trip down memory lane to remember some of our favourite ever tasks. 10 of the best ever Big Brother tasks Adjoa Mensah points out that she's had a really hard time in the house. Big Brother's Adjoa is not having much fun Find out why the Big Brother housemates are so angry with the big man. The Big Brother housemates are furious Jade gives in to temptation while the other housemates must live on rations. BB: Jade cashes in her Luxury Timebomb It's time for our daily verdict on who had a good day in the house and who didn't. Big Brother Day 8: Good Day / Bad Day One housemate is unable to take the terror of The Hole and needs their mummy. Watch BB housemate scream for mummy Can someone get the housemates a night light? The Big Brother housemates are terrified The Big Brother housemates are getting desperate, thanks to a lack of food. Is Big Brother's Jack a cannibal? Not yet Harriet takes issue when Cristian calls her "competitive". BB: Harriet, Cristian argue over arm wrestling Which of the housemates looked good yesterday and which of them struggled? Big Brother Day 7: Good Day / Bad Day "It's like an Ibiza bender gone wrong," the housemate says. Big Brother's Aaron regrets all the wine Sarah reckons Eileen will get the sympathy vote. BB: Sarah thinks she could go this week "I'm the least superficial person. The public are judging me for my looks." BB's Jade is angry at being called superficial Housemates run the risk of no hot water unless they pass this week's challenge. BB housemates face darkness for shopping task Aaron is fake while Adjoa is untrustworthy, according to Big Brother online polls. BB: Housemates learn what the public think It's time for our daily verdict on the housemates' recent behaviour. Big Brother Day 6: Good Day / Bad Day Tonight's Big Brother: Timebomb saw housemates nominate each other face to face. Big Brother: Who's up for eviction? God, they do love a good blub, don't they? Everyone's crying on Big Brother tonight The Mancunian says she doesn't have anything personal against Chloe. BB: Sarah thinks Chloe doesn't like her "An egg comes out just under [a chicken's] beak," Joel claims. BB: Joel's confused about where eggs come from Aaron Frew probably had to nurse a hangover this morning after hitting the wine. Big Brother's Aaron Frew really loves wine "Some people would die to be how you are," says Harriet. BB: Harriet calls Sarah a "very strong woman" Which housemate came out of last night well, and who... didn't? Big Brother Day 5: Good Day / Bad Day Adjoa says she "can't trust a soul" after Harriet mentioned she was stealing food. BB: Harriet and Adjoa argue over eggs and crisps Eileen spins some tall tales in the hope of winning a truth or dare style party. BB: Eileen gets emotional for a secret task Cristian's housemates think he is "beautiful" - but none of them would act on it. Big Brother's Cristian dubbed "beautiful" Aaron was upset after housemate Amy said he was least deserving of a place in the house. Big Brother day 5: Aaron gets emotional Danny Wisker tells Adjoa Mensah that Sarah isn't "the usual type I go for". Big Brother Danny: 'I don't want to lead Sarah on' In our regular feature, we discuss who triumphed and who struggled in the house. Big Brother Day 4: Good Day / Bad Day The model admitted that her "frisky" and "unpredictable" nature could lead to romance in the house. Big Brother: Jade hints at in-house romance Danny thinks a spooning session will help him sleep. Big Brother: Danny wants to spoon Sarah Rows, tears and politics make for an eventful day four in the house. BB's Adjoa upset after Nick's nomination The pair clash over Jade's meditation lesson. Big Brother Day 4: Aaron and Joel row In our regular feature, we discuss who won us over and who struggled. Big Brother day 3: Good day/bad day The 19-year-old is given just 30 seconds to choose two housemates to face eviction. Big Brother's Nick nominates face to face Needless to say, the 23-year-old's triumph didn't last long... Big Brother's Jack named 'winner' in twist Aaron and Chloe have a falling out after a conversation over breakfast. BB: Aaron thinks Chloe is rude He says he would never have sent abusive messages to this year's housemates. Big Brother's Nick was an online troll Cristian tells Big Brother that people in the house don't understand him. BB's Sarah and Cristian still talking about money Shared baths, boobs, and nail painting take place on the third day. BB: Kieran compliments Sarah's 'rack'