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Big Brother Top Story Big Brother: Is there a romance brewing between Nick and Jade? Housemates start to talk as Nick and Jade spend the day cuddling.
The pair clash over Jade's meditation lesson. Big Brother Day 4: Aaron and Joel row In our regular feature, we discuss who won us over and who struggled. Big Brother day 3: Good day/bad day The 19-year-old is given just 30 seconds to choose two housemates to face eviction. Big Brother's Nick nominates face to face Needless to say, the 23-year-old's triumph didn't last long... Big Brother's Jack named 'winner' in twist Aaron and Chloe have a falling out after a conversation over breakfast. BB: Aaron thinks Chloe is rude He says he would never have sent abusive messages to this year's housemates. Big Brother's Nick was an online troll Cristian tells Big Brother that people in the house don't understand him. BB's Sarah and Cristian still talking about money Shared baths, boobs, and nail painting take place on the third day. BB: Kieran compliments Sarah's 'rack' In our regular feature, we discuss which housemates soared and which struggled each day. Big Brother Day 2: Good Day / Bad Day The personal shopper says he was always picked on in school. Big Brother Aaron talks about coming out Kieran asks Danny if he will actually make a move on Sarah.
Will Danny make a move on Sarah? The housemates are tasked with working out fellow housemates' morals and pasts. Jack's virginity discovered on Big Brother Cristian offends Sarah after he implies that she is "attracted to money". Big Brother: Sarah, Cristian row over money Who had the best and worst of the first day in the Big Brother house? Big Brother Day 1: Good Day / Bad Day We assess the housemates based on their first night in the Big Brother house. Big Brother day one: Housemate ranking "The twins are taken but I do think they are vulnerable." BB: Cristian and Danny want more singles Adjoa tells the housemates that she is gay, leaving Kieran feeling disappointed. Big Brother: Adjoa has a crush on Sarah Jack thinks his stay in the Big Brother house will help him sort his life out. Big Brother's Jack reveals gambling problem Simon Gross says that he would apologise for anything if he had to. Big Brother's Simon defends his past Simon admits that his mother got angry about his exit and was just defending him. Big Brother's Simon Gross on his shock exit He was only in there for about an hour but he still has plenty of opinions. Big Brother: Simon's verdict on his housemates A day-by-day round up of who's hot and who's not in the Big Brother house. Big Brother: Good Day/Bad Day index See all the pictures from Channel 5's live launch show as 16 housemates enter the house. Big Brother: Timebomb launch show pictures The self-proclaimed Mr Showbiz is totally cool about his 5 minutes of fame. Big Brother's Simon: 'You won't forget me' Viewers have the power to influence Big Brother: Timebomb's next big twist. What is Big Brother's next big twist? Big Brother: Timebomb gets off with a bang – we gather reactions on Twitter. Here's how Twitter reacted to Big Brother 16 have entered the famous house, but who made the best first impression? Who's your instant favourite BB housemate? Big Brother: Timebomb got underway on Tuesday night and Emma Willis revealed a fatal twist for one housemate. Big Brother starts with an eviction twist Emma Willis welcomes the 16 new housemates to the Big Brother: Timebomb house. Big Brother contestants enter the house Emma Willis teases that viewers need to download the app ahead of the twist. Big Brother gets a launch show twist Sure, we know their names and faces... but what will the housemates really be like? Big Brother Timebomb launch as it happened Get all the details you need about the launch of the new series of Big Brother. What we know about Big Brother: Timebomb Simon Gross addresses the #abusedbysimongross Twitter row and insists he's no bully. Big Brother's Simon Gross on Twitter row Nick Henderson on his 'rich kid' label and why he thinks getting expelled was cool. Big Brother's Nick: 'I know I won't win' Jack McDermott insists he's not a wannabe after being on Deal Or No Deal. Big Brother's Jack 'throws plates in anger' Kieran McLeod reveals that he's got his eye on the prize but will a woman distract him? Big Brother's Kieran is playing the game Emma Willis shows off the new Diary Room chair for Timebomb. Big Brother Diary Room chair revealed Harriet Jackson opens up about farting freely, bitchy girls and not supporting UKIP any more. BB's Harriet doesn't support UKIP now Jade-Martina talks about her dislike of Catholicism and her polyamorous lifestyle. Big Brother's Jade-Martina on Catholic 'cult' Chloe Wilburn talks about her arrest, fights, and wanting a normal life after Big Brother. Big Brother's Chloe: 'I loved getting arrested'