Big Brother

Big Brother Top Story Big Brother has just got a new boss and he's got "big ideas" Denis O'Connor is named the new creative director of Big Brother. Fancy.
Six former housemates return to give the finalists vital media training. Big Brother: Why are ex-housemates back? Is the stress finally cracking the housemates? Or do they always look like this? The BB housemates are looking silly Helen and Chris will get to ask the duo questions as part of the task. BB Ashleigh, Pav become famous for a day Ash and Christopher are horrified when they have to choose a housemate to evict. Big Brother Helen, Chris in fake eviction Helen Wood complains that Ashleigh Coyle "gets away with f**king murder". Big Brother Helen: I'm not the only bitch Ashleigh later brightens up enough to tell Ash she's pleased he's in the house. Big Brother Ashleigh faces "homesickness" Two of the housemates are told they will have a big decision to make today. Two Big Brother housemates get the power Ashleigh tells Christopher that she would love to see him or Chris win the series. Ashleigh "grateful" for BB experience Pav attempts to comfort Helen, telling her to "be true" to herself. Big Brother: Helen cries after divide trial Helen Wood and Ashleigh Coyle are both accused of causing the divide in the house. Big Brother: Verdict handed down in trial Ashleigh Coyle and Helen Wood are the main subjects of the house. BB: Divide continues to rock the house Helen and Ashleigh must face off against each other in court. Big Brother: A divided house goes on trial Ash tells Helen that nobody else "really deserves" to win the this year's series. BB's Ash: 'Only Helen or I should win' The remaining housemates describe the night's shock events as "Black Friday". Big Brother housemates react to eviction Helen tells Ash and Winston that she is "glad" they broke the rules. Housemates punished for break-out attempt The housemates must prove why they belong in the house in the latest task. BB: Housemates asked to prove themselves Self-styled Essex boy and Liverpool merchandiser leave the house in the penultimate week.
Winston, Mark in double Big Brother eviction Visual merchandiser from Liverpool exits show in the penultimate week. Mark evicted from Big Brother 2014 All of the housemates are punished for the trio's rule-breaking. BB: Helen, Ash, Winston break out of the house The house is in disarray over trust issues in the aftermath of this week's task. Big Brother house argue after task twist Ashleigh Coyle is given the opportunity to add to the overall prize fund. Big Brother offers house chance to win £25k Helen is furious after Chris says she would have been a "nightmare" at school. Big Brother: Helen angry at Chris, Ashleigh Big Brother is giving housemates the chance to increase the prize fund by £25,000. Big Brother trio reunite with best friends One housemate now faces Friday's (August 8) public vote in return for an increased prize fund. Big Brother: 5th housemate up for eviction The nominations cause Mark and Christopher to argue once again. Big Brother: Four up for double eviction The model strips off for a magazine shoot and talks about having sex in the house. Kimberly forgot about cameras during BB sex Housemates will receive a "magical treat" if Ash impresses them with his skills. Big Brother: Ash to perform Magic Show The housemates had to follow instructions of a 'wildlife commentator'. Big Brother housemates groom each other Mark takes offence by Christopher naming him the "biggest game player". Big Brother's Mark and Christopher argue Housemates must act along to a wildlife commentary in the latest Big Brother task. BB: Housemates turn to nature for task Mark admits to Christopher that he has been a bit cagey at times. BB Mark clears the air with Christopher Housemates undergo multiple tests of strength as part of the latest task. Who is the strongest Big Brother housemate? Tesco reference means Zoe exits after damning focus group comments. Zoe leaves Big Brother house It's not a good day for Christopher as he also rows about garlic with Mark. Big Brother Christopher, Ashleigh fall out Kimberly Kisselovich explains the reason for her Big Brother exit this month. BB Kimberly had ectopic pregnancy Helen worries that Ash will say "see you later" when the series ends. Big Brother: Helen, Ash under bed covers Christopher suggests his fellow housemate tries to "embarrass" him. BB Christopher unsure about Mark relationship Luisa Zissman has some weird fantasies, if the latest task is anything to go by. The BB housemates become webcam boys Ashleigh advises that "relationships are all about compromising". BB Christopher: 'Mark is a good kisser' Housemates will also need to act like different websites to get a luxury budget. Big Brother housemates make viral videos