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Big Brother Top Story Big Brother Hazel, Daley case: Channel 5 reprimanded by Ofcom Channel 5 had said that Hazel was not a "naive debutante" in the row.
The Dragons' Den star will pay the housemates a visit this week. BB: Levi Roots joins house for party The evicted housemate will detail his life story so far in the upcoming book. Big Brother Daley 'signs book deal' The housemates' fate will be decided by people outside of the house. BB: Friends and family to nominate The primary school football coach exits the show. Big Brother: Callum Knell evicted Irish model says she's had enough of fellow housemate's boasting and whinging. BB Hazel: Gina a pain in the arse - video Housemates row after 'save me' speeches and smear campaigns ahead of eviction. BB's Callum: 'Dexter's a little bitch' Digital Spy reviews and the Crowd (wept), a critical look at Jade's celebrity status. Jade Goody opera: Is it any good? Housemates also debate whether they would take the prize money if given the chance. Big Brother Callum on Dexter 'fireworks' The model rushed to help a man having a seizure last night. Big Brother Aisleyne 'saves man's life' Callum, Hazel, Dexter or Jack and Joe? Who should leave on Friday? Big Brother: Who should get evicted? The sports coach tells Charlie that she's lost her biggest fan in the house. BB: Callum hurt by Charlie nomination The Irish model is shocked after watching back the nominations. BB Hazel: 'I sound like a bitch' The contestants are paid a visit by two wrestling stars. Big Brother: Wrestling task for house This week's nominations were screened to the house live on tonight's show. Big Brother latest nominations revealed The ejected housemate wants Hazel O'Sullivan to tell the truth about his actions. BB Daley: 'I want to go back in house' The controversial contestant left the house this evening. Dan Neal evicted from Big Brother Who do Digital Spy readers think is going home tonight - Dan, Sophie or Sam? BB: Who is DS readers' pick for eviction? Bit On The Side host tweeted a photo showing Dan up for eviction before show. Rylan Clark denies Big Brother fix claims The Big Brother winner accuses its makers of "cashing in" on Goody's death. Josie Gibson slams "disgusting" Goody opera Jack is disappointed his friend didn't choose him to join her in Safe House. BB Jack: 'It's like Sophie's slapped me' Host addresses awkward slip-up, praises lack of "desperate wannabes" in the house. BB Emma Willis on 'Channel 4' gaffe Big Brother will host game show titled 'The Right Answer!' for this week's task. BB: Housemates in game show task Host says of ejected housemate: "If he was on an edge, I was not going to push him off." BB Emma Willis defends Daley interview Who should get the chop this Friday? Big Brother eviction: Dan v Sophie v Sam Daley calls ex-love interest "devious" for her behaviour prior to his removal from the house. BB Daley: Evil Hazel should be ejected too One of the trio will be evicted in a twist on Friday night (July 26). Big Brother nominations revealed The former housemate admits he was "battling" personal demons whilst on the show. BB Daley 'in therapy following ejection' The housemates unwittingly expose Sam and Sophie to the public vote. BB Sam, Sophie up for eviction in twist The Big Brother evictee says: "I thought I was a considerate housemate." BB Jackie: 'I thought I'd go earlier' The 59-year-old loses out in a five-way battle. Jackie Travers evicted from Big Brother Who should go? Digital Spy readers decide. Big Brother five-way eviction: Poll The former housemate talks to Big Brother host Emma Willis. Big Brother Daley in emotional interview Glamour model confides in Dan after Daley was removed from house over row. BB Hazel on Daley row: "He just flipped" Ex-Celebrity Big Brother star Amy Childs says she feels sorry for Daley's partner. Big Brother Daley slammed by Amy Childs The ejected housemate's first interview will air on Bit on the Side. Big Brother Daley for interview tonight and the Crowd (wept) will portray Goody's rise to fame on Big Brother, racism scandal and death. Jade Goody's life to become opera The removed housemate takes a parting shot at the glamour model. BB Daley: 'Hazel is the most devious' Daley's brother said before the star's ejection for "aggressive behaviour" that he "wouldn't get physical". BB Daley 'a little softie', says brother Housemates take part in the latest round of nominations on Monday afternoon. Big Brother: Five face eviction Contestant expelled after clasping Hazel by the throat and pinning her to a bed. Big Brother: 'Aggressive' Daley ejected