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John James teases Sunshine over nose

Day 15 - Sunshine


John James has teased Sunshine over the size of her puppet’s nose.

Talking with Mario on the sofas, Sunshine convinced the former house mole to ask John James whether he fancied her or not.

As John James entered the living room, Mario asked: "John, do you fancy Sunshine?"

With the housemates previously noting that Sunshine’s puppet appeared to have the biggest nose, the Australian sat down with the pair and answered: "No, not with that big snoozer. At the moment the mole has got more of a chance, I think."

Sunshine replied jokingly: "I can get surgery." She then revealed that she almost had an operation on her nose two years ago.

"I booked in to have a nose job," she said. "Because I have a lump in my nose, but then I had to go back to medical school so I cancelled."

The group will continue to interact with their puppets throughout the day in order to win a party for Steve’s birthday.
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