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Big Brother Shievonne tackles 7-foot snake in Lab Rat task

Shievonne Robinson has been taunted with a 7-foot python in the latest Big Brother shopping task.

This week's Lab Rat challenge involves the housemates taking part in experiments such as the 'Eyes on the Prize' experiment.

[Photo Gallery - Big Brother Lab Rats task]

During the 'Eyes on the Prize' task, the housemates must wear eye-tracking glasses and remain focussed on a plinth in the middle of the room.

Big Brother has provided constant distractions for the contestants, including a 7-foot python, which was carried around the room during Shievonne's task.

Other distractions included a Justin Bieber lookalike, a burlesque dancer and a group of superfans, fawning over the housemates.

Benedict Garrett and Lauren Carre are the two housemates facing possible eviction on Friday.

Big Brother continues every night on Channel 5.
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