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Adam Kelly admits to feelings for Lauren Carre: 'I would cuddle her'

Adam Kelly has opened up in the Big Brother house about his feelings for Lauren Carre.

The ex-LA gang member has grown close to Lauren in the house and hinted in a conversation with Luke Anderson that he would like to take things further.

Big Brother 2012 - Day 21: Adam in the Diary Room

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Big Brother 2012 Day 14: Lauren

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Kelly, 27, confessed that he wasn't sure of his feelings because of the pressures of Big Brother, but said that he would like a cuddle with the 20-year-old Jersey girl.

"Who knows what will happen, I don't know what to think in this house," Adam told Luke A.

"I don't think there is anything really there. I would cuddle [Lauren], but I wouldn't want to mess anything up.

"If she gets closer and closer I'm going to have the urge to kiss her, that's probably the biggest move I'll make."

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