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Big Brother eviction: Digital Spy readers want Conor McIntyre out

Conor McIntyre is Digital Spy readers' tip for eviction this evening on Big Brother.

Following his spat and rant about Deana Uppal last weekend, Conor remains unpopular with DS Big Brother fans. An overwhelming majority of readers also thought that he should be ejected due to his behaviour last week.

Big Brother Day 25: Conor isn't impressed by Scott and Deana breaking rules.

© Channel 5

Big Brother 2012 - Day 22: Arron after destroying cigarettes

© Channel 5

Over 65% of fans polled want Conor kicked off the show tonight, way ahead of any of the other three nominated housemates.

Deana is in second spot with 12.5%, while Arron Lowe has 11.7% who want him axed.

Becky Hannon is the least likely housemate to be given the chop - only 10.8% of DS users polled want to see her chatting to Brian Dowling this evening.

Big Brother Day 26: Becky in the diary room.

© Channel 5

Big Brother Day 26: Deana isn't happy.

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However, the results this evening could end up very different because it is a Vote To Save, and with four housemates battling it out to survive, it will be the least popular housemate who leaves, rather than the most disliked.

Big Brother continues every night on Channel 5.
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