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Big Brother nominations: Full details revealed

Big Brother confirmed the results of the final week of nominations yesterday (August 6), and Ashleigh Hughes, Deana Uppal, Adam Kelly and Scott Mason face the axe.

The details on who voted for who have now been confirmed. The nominations in full are below:

Big Brother 2012 - Day 35: Scott with blonde hair

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Ashleigh Hughes voted for Deana for being "sneaking" and "snidey". She voted for Adam for talking in riddle, being manipulative and being snappy with her.

Deana Uppal voted for Ashleigh for being "selfish" and "two-faced". She also voted for Scott for suddenly starting to make conversation with her following the exits of Conor and Becky.

Scott Mason selected Adam for staring at him a lot and being "unnerving" and "ponderous". His second nomination is for Deana for being "cringey" and being "heartless at times".

Adam Kelly nominated Ashleigh over the shopping list fiasco and Scott for being "lazy".

Sara McLean voted for Scott for talking about her mum after last week's family and friends nomination and Adam for "playing a game".

Luke Anderson voted for Ashleigh for being "selfish". His second nomination was for Scott for not being a team-player.

Luke Scrase voted for Deana for "doing my head in", calling him Charlie repeatedly and being "irritating". His second nomination was for Luke A, because he claimed that he got on better with other housemates and they hadn't bonded.

Big Brother continues daily on Channel 5. The final airs on Monday, August 13.

Photo gallery - Big Brother day 62:
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