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Big Brother's Ashleigh Hughes: "If they boo me, they boo me"

Ashleigh Hughes told Brian Dowling tonight (August 10) that her and Luke Scrase's relationship was for real.

The Essex girl was speaking after leaving the house with Scott Mason in a double eviction.

Ashleigh Hughes evicted from Big Brother

© Channel 5

Ashleigh Hughes evicted from Big Brother

© Channel 5

Asked by Dowling what she thought about the boos which greeted her exit - contrasting with the cheers that Scott Mason had received from the crowd - Ashleigh said that she had been herself, and concluded: "If they boo me, they boo me; if they love me, they love me."

Commenting on her turbulent relationship with Deana Uppal, she admitted that there had been "complications", but said that the Miss India UK had "a good heart" and was just not the evictee's "cup of tea".

Ashleigh was also not bitter when shown who had nominated her, commenting: "I do get all of [the reasons given by the housemates]."

The notorious potty-mouth only swore once in the interview, saying, "Oh, for f**k's sake", when the phrase "Lushleigh" was put to her.

She went on to insist that her relationship with Luke S had been a romance rather than a 'showmance', and dismissed her initial attraction to Conor McIntyre, explaining that she now saw him as a "brother".

The ex-contestant seemed a little bothered when shown footage of Luke S saying their relationship might not last in the outside world, and confessed that it "maybe" made her question the romance, but she then immediately played it down, adding: "Whatever."

She finished by saying that she wanted Luke S or Sara McLean to win on Monday's (August 13) final.
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