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Big Brother's Scott Mason: "I must be the forgettable character"

Scott Mason told Brian Dowling on Friday night (August 10) that his eviction made him think he must be "forgettable".

The history student had left the house earlier to an overwhelmingly positive reception.

Scott Mason evicted from Big Brother

© Channel 5

Scott Mason evicted from Big Brother

© Channel 5

Asked to explain why he was out when the crowd had given him "not one boo", Scott laughed and said: "I must be the forgettable character."

He added about the crowd's response: "I love it, it's great," but admitted that it was "awful" to have departed in the first public vote he had faced, and that it was painful to leave at such a late stage.

When Scott was shown which housemates had nominated him, he explained it by saying that he was "not in anyone's group".

The wannabe 'celebrity historian' had little to say about the house's bitchiness, seeming genuinely surprised that it was perceived that way and commenting: "I didn't think it was that bad."

He then ended the interview in a more upbeat mood after being shown his 'best bits', describing them as "so good".

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