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Celebrity Big Brother Top Story Jasmine Waltz hits out at ex Lee Ryan: 'He needs to get help' Celebrity Big Brother star says Ryan thinks he has "the appeal of Harry Styles".
Blue star describes CBB outrage as "pantomime", says: "I only got my tongue wet." Lee Ryan: I don't give f**k about haters DS's showbiz columnist discusses celebrity babies and reality show romances. Anna Williamson Showbiz Peek at the Week Bookies reckon the broadcaster could be tempted by the reality show. Piers Morgan's Big Brother odds slashed Big Brother pair hint that they spent Valentine's Day together in new interview. Dappy, Luisa: We may be new Posh, Becks TOWIE star began to feel ill in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Sam Faiers in Crohn's disease diagnosis Singer also dismisses the chances of appearing on Celebrity Big Brother. Peter Andre hints at no more reality TV The presenter is flattered to be compared to one of her "idols" on television. Emma Willis happy with Davina comparisons The Celebrity Big Brother couple say that their relationship is more than lust. Lee and Jasmine: "We're totally in love" Former Apprentice star takes part in a new photoshoot for Zoo magazine. Luisa Zissman: 'I did stuff with Jasmine' Jim Davidson says that his time on Big Brother brought his life full circle. CBB Jim Davidson on Linda, Ant & Dec The CBB winner says that he and Nolan have made up with a "good drink". Jim Davidson on Linda Nolan 'chemistry' Celebrity Big Brother star dismisses claims his feelings for Faiers are for show. Ollie Locke: 'I adore Sam Faiers' He says he is "trying to build a relationship" with Waltz in the outside world. Lee Ryan: 'I really care about Jasmine' Star tweets from hospital bed after first falling ill on Celebrity Big Brother. Sam Faiers taken to hospital, put on drip The former singer opens up about her time in the house, including Jim Davidson. CBB Linda 'cast as stereotypical baddie' Duncan James says his friend becoming a public hate figure has "opened doors" for the band. Blue star: Lee Ryan CBB outrage good for us Spencer Matthews says he is not interested in following Ollie Locke into the house. Made in Chelsea Spencer turned down CBB Celebrity Big Brother runner-up also discusses his father and Jim Davidson. Dappy: 'I'm not a vile monster' Outnumbered returns with over 4.7 million on BBC One. Celebrity Big Brother final attracts 3m N-Dubz star supports bandmate as Channel 5 show comes to an end. Tulisa prays for Dappy at CBB final Dappy is named runner-up in the reality show's live final. Jim Davidson wins Celebrity Big Brother Dappy speaks after finishing runner-up on Celebrity Big Brother. Dappy: 'I'll call Jim Davidson dad' Ollie: "I literally have had the most bizarre experience of my entire life." Celeb Big Brother: Ollie finishes 3rd Luisa: "I thought I'd be out in a week and I just kept on being voted in." Celebrity Big Brother: Luisa finishes 4th Sam: "I am never ill in my life. I was gutted and it changed my whole experience." Celebrity Big Brother: Sam finishes 5th Casey: "My only goal was to get to the final. I really wanted to achieve that." Celebrity Big Brother: Casey finishes 6th Who will win and who will get the biggest boos? Join DS as your votes are revealed. Celebrity Big Brother final - live blog Dappy also directs an emotional speech at his father figure Jim Davidson. CBB Ollie, Sam pay tribute to each other Linda Nolan also wishes Jim Davidson good luck, saying he "played a great game". CBB Linda Nolan plays down self-harm From Lionel Blair in latex to Lee's tumbleweed stripper story. CBB: The best quotes and pictures Duncan James and Lee Ryan also discuss the rumours that they once slept together. Lee Ryan: 'CBB reaction is over the top' Have your say on who you think should take home the Celebrity Big Brother crown. Celebrity Big Brother: Who should win? Ex-housemate Liz Jones also says that Sam is not funny enough for the MIC star. CBB: Ollie 'not manly enough' for Sam Ryan's bandmate Duncan James asks people to "remember this was [just] reality TV". CBB: Lee Ryan threats slammed by Blue star Made in Chelsea star shows off his raunchiest moves on penultimate night of show. CBB Ollie gives Sam lap dance - pictures Should we be taking Jim Davidson's behaviour outside the house into account? CBB: Jim is going to win - is that bad? Ollie Locke describes where he would take Sam Faiers on their first date. CBB Ollie, Sam: Are they still flirting? Luisa Zissman admits that she's changed her opinion of Ollie Locke recently. CBB Luisa 'thinks Ollie has no gameplan' Lee's said sorry for his CBB antics, but what's his next move? We have some suggestions. CBB: How can Lee Ryan redeem himself? The Celebrity Big Brother star apologises for his behaviour in the house. CBB Lee Ryan: "I'm so so sorry"