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Sov: 'Nuts couldn't afford topless shoot'

Sov: 'Nuts couldn't afford topless shoot'


Lady Sovereign has said that Nuts magazine could not afford to publish photographs of her breasts.

During her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, the rapper told Page 3 model Nicola Tappenden that she would be happy to get her "norks" out for £2 million.

When asked by The Guardian if it should call weekly men's glossy Nuts on her behalf, Lady Sovereign quipped: "They haven't got the budget. They couldn't afford my lovely titties!"

The musician added that she "would" with Katy Perry and claimed that she had been to "first base" with the 'I Kissed A Girl' singer.

Of the criticism she faced while in the house, she said: "I know I was accused of being lazy but I'm not. I don't mind cleaning up my own mess. I just don't like cleaning up after other people."

Ivana Trump recently said that she never wants to see Lady Sovereign again. Kym Marsh also described her as a "spoilt brat".
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