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Celebrity Big Brother: Luisa, Jasmine kiss and Dappy snogs a duck

Celebrity Big Brother housemates Dappy, Luisa Zissman and Jasmine Waltz played a saucy game of truth or dare last night.

The trio shared a bubble bath for the game, which saw Luisa admitting that Dappy is the man she would be most likely to sleep with in the house.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Dappy

© Channel 5

Dappy kissed a duck during a game of truth or dare - then urged Luisa and Jasmine to lock lips

Things then took a racier turn as Luisa dared Dappy to snog the rubber duck on the side of the tub, which he did with pleasure and plenty of tongue action.

"I snogged a duck, bredren!" he shouted. "That's TV for you. That's good entertainment."

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Luisa Zissman

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Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jasmine Waltz

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Dappy then took the opportunity to dare Luisa and Jasmine to kiss each other, going so far as to direct them in how to approach one another, telling them that it had to last three seconds and kissing his finger to demonstrate how he wanted the smooch to go down.

After giggling, Luisa and Jasmine completed the dare by kissing, with Luisa complimenting her housemate by saying: "Your lips are so soft."

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

Watch the game of truth and dare below:

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