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Celebrity Big Brother eviction night: Sam Robertson v Ryan Moloney

One more poor celebrity will be booted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house this evening.

They'll no doubt be greeted by a baying mob, heckling and booing and worst of all they'll have to suffer an interview at the hands of Brian Dowling. The only positive? They lasted two days longer in the compound than Paula 'I talk to a coconut' Hamilton.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Ryan Moloney

© Endemol

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Sam Robertson

© Endemol

Neighbours legend Ryan Moloney and occasional actor Sam Robertson are going head-to-head for your votes, but only one can survive.

Do you want to save the Toadfish? Or can you not face losing the rather dashing Mr Robertson from your screens?

Day 7: Ryan and Sam

© Channel 5

Who should be given the boot tonight? Let us know below!

Who should be evicted?
Sam Robertson61.73%
Ryan Moloney38.27%
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