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Geordie Shore Top Story Geordie Shore: Watch Vicky Pattison sob while saying goodbye Charlotte and Holly weep after finding out that Vicky won't be back on the show.
Who needs Queen Elizabeth when you have Queen Vicky? Vicky Pattison for MTV Christmas speech The Geordie Shore cast don their Christmas jumpers for a new take on a festive classic. Geordie Shore: Watch their festive song Aaron and Marnie argue over a nurse's outfit; Vicky's happy to see her boyfriend. Geordie Shore: Are Gary, Charlotte in trouble? Scott and Gary also have a bust-up over girls. Watch latest Geordie Shore preview clip The books will focus on a young woman who ends up on reality television. Geordie Shore Vicky to write two novels There's a festive surprise arriving online after next Tuesday's episode. Watch Geordie Shore celebrate Christmas Charlotte is fuming when she sees Gary chatting to a pretty farmer girl. Watch latest Geordie Shore preview clip Charlotte Crosby ends up naked in the street and Vicky hates the boyfriend club. Geordie Shore: Will Marnie win over Aaron? Holly Hagan warns Kyle Christie she'll chop his penis off if he steps out of line. Geordie Shore Aaron and Scott in big fight? Gaz and Charlotte share a moment about their past while in the City of Love. Watch Geordie Shore hit Paris in new preview Vicky Pattison is determined not to let Charlotte make any mistakes in Paris. Geordie Shore: Charlotte wants to cuddle Gaz Elsewhere, Charlotte confides in Gary about her relationship problems. Geordie Shore: Marnie causes more drama Vicky Pattison confirmed today that she has decided to leave Geordie Shore. Is Vicky Pattison going on I'm A Celeb? Vicky Pattison says she is "totally convinced" she has made the right decision. Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison says bye "The show hasn't grown up and I have," Vicky Pattison explains. Vicky Pattison has quit Geordie Shore Aaron Chalmers ends up arguing with Marnie and Scott after flirting with girls. Geordie Shore Aaron clashes with Marnie "This is like giving Satan a promotion," Charlotte says when she hears the news. Geordie Shore returns and Vicky is Queen Watch five minutes of ill-advised shenanigans in the series nine trailer. Watch the shocking start of new Geordie Shore We join the Geordie Shore cast for a Royal Banquet and talk about the new series. Geordie Shore: Anal beads to feisty farmers Vicky becomes head of the house, but struggles to control her mates. Geordie Shore: Vicky's boss in new trailer The queen of the house becomes Lady Vicky Pattison of Wansley Manor. Geordie Shore's Vicky gets official title Who complains that appointing new head of household is "like giving Satan a promotion"? Geordie Shore back with new head of house MTV premieres full-length trailer and behind-the-scenes video for series nine. Watch Geordie Shore stars become royalty Watch the trailer for the MTV reality show's upcoming ninth series. Geordie Shore to return in October "I'm gonna stuff a pineapple on me c**k." It's Geordie Shore finale night! Geordie Shore Vicky, Gaz hit the shag pad Vicky and Charlotte vow to punish Kyle if he doesn't treat Vicky properly. Geordie Shore: Marnie's secret emerges Marnie and Aaron are kept apart by Gary, and Holly is trying to play it cool. Geordie Shore: There's more romance drama Aaron is furious when he overhears Vicky bitching about him on Geordie Shore. Do the Geordie Shore girls like the new boy? Aaron and Gaz blame Charlotte's arrival for new disagreements in the house. Charlotte causes Geordie Shore drama Marnie decides on tit-for-tat revenge after finding out Gaz has been tashing on. Geordie Shore's Marnie, Gaz fall out again Holly Hagan is surrounded by male suitors in the video for her debut single. See Geordie Shore's Holly cover Kelis Holly sets Aaron an impossible task to win her affections in this week's show. Sneak peek at Geordie Shore episode 2 Crimewatch tops the ratings on Tuesday with over 3 million viewers. Geordie Shore returns with over 500k Gaz and Marnie put the shag pad to use, Aaron joins the house and more. 10 mint moments from Geordie Shore's return Vicky Pattison says the cast have stayed together because they always apologise. Geordie Shore: They just want to be liked! Vicky Pattison says that producers promised not to introduce Ricci. Why is Vicky angry with Ex on the Beach? Jägerbombs, a hot tub and twerking kicked off when DS went to Newcastle. DS gets mortal in the Geordie Shore house Holly Hagan says that new boy Aaron Chalmers presumed she'd sleep with him. Geordie Shore girls: 'We needed new c**k' James Tindale admits there's more "inter-house shagging" than ever this series. Geordie Shore's James on "weird" cast hook-up James Tindale admits he's never really been the kind of guy to go on the pull. Geordie Shore James is relieved he's taken