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Popstar to Operastar Top Story Katherine Jenkins: 'I probably won't do Popstar to Operastar again' Katherine Jenkins says she probably won't do another series of Popstar to Operastar.
McFly's Harry Judd hopes that his bandmates don't laugh at him on Strictly. Harry Judd: McFly may laugh at my dances The Popstar to Operastar final nabs over 4m on Sunday night, while Law & Order: UK returns with nearly 6m. Joe McElderry's 'Popstar to Operastar' win dazzles 4m Joe McElderry defeats Cheryl Baker in the Popstar to Operastar final. Joe McElderry wins 'Popstar to Operastar' Claire Richards credits Popstar To Operastar for giving her "confidence" in her vocal abilities. 'Popstar To Operastar' gave me purpose, says Claire Richards Joe McElderry teases "exciting" new developments in his music career. Joe McElderry to release new album? Cheryl Baker tells Digital Spy about her "lean years", Popstar To Operastar and Eggs 'N' Baker. Cheryl Baker interview: 'I couldn't get arrested' Joe McElderry and Cheryl Baker are voted into the live final of Popstar to Operastar. Joe McElderry, Cheryl Baker make 'Popstar to Operastar' final ITV defends the ratings achieved by weekend shows including The Marriage Ref and Popstar to Operastar. 'Marriage Ref', 'Popstar to Operastar' ratings defended by ITV Andy Bell becomes the fourth celebrity to leave Popstar To Operastar. Andy Bell voted out of 'Popstar To Operastar' Erasure singer Andy Bell vows to support the career of X Factor winner Joe McElderry. Joe McElderry brave to come out, says Andy Bell The former Pussycat Doll's exit from Popstar to Operastar grabs nearly 3m viewers on Sunday evening. Melody Thornton's 'Popstar' exit seen by 3m Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton becomes the third celebrity to leave Popstar to Operastar. Melody Thornton axed from 'Popstar to Operastar' Toploader's Joe Washbourn chats to Reality Bites about opera, hair and 'Dancing in the Moonlight'. Toploader Joe Washbourn on 'Operastar', 'Dancing in the Moonlight' Digital Spy chats Popstar to Operastar with former Steps star Claire Richards. Claire Richards talks 'Popstar to Operastar' Steps star Claire Richards poses naked and claims that she is trying to embrace her fuller figure. Steps' Claire Richards: 'Food is my addiction' Jocelyn Brown becomes the second celebrity to leave Popstar To Operastar. Jocelyn Brown exits 'Popstar To Operastar' Midge Ure becomes the first celebrity to leave the second series of Popstar to Operastar. Midge Ure bows out of 'Popstar to Operastar' Myleene Klass claims to empathise with Joe McElderry, as she "thought [her] career was over at 25". Myleene Klass 'empathises with Joe McElderry struggle' Joe McElderry admits that he is out of his comfort zone on "very strange" Popstar to Operastar. Joe McElderry: 'Popstar to Operastar is very strange' Joe McElderry, Cheryl Baker and Midge Ure are among the celebs taking part in Popstar to Operastar series two. 'Popstar to Operastar': Meet the contestants Joe McElderry says that competing on Popstar to Operastar is easier thanks to his experiences on The X Factor. Joe McElderry: 'X Factor makes Operastar easy' Joe McElderry, Cheryl Baker and Midge Ure are among the Popstar to Operastar lineup. Joe McElderry, Midge Ure in 'Popstar to Operastar' Joe McElderry reportedly agrees to appear on the new series of Popstar to Operastar. Joe McElderry for 'Popstar to Operastar' Alan Titchmarsh may be axed from Popstar To Operastar, a report claims. Alan Titchmarsh faces 'Operastar' axe? Popstar To Operastar will return to ITV1 next summer in a Sunday evening timeslot. 'Popstar To Operastar' moves to Sundays Popstar To Operastar is expected to return for a second series next year. 'Popstar To Operastar' lands second run?