Made in Chelsea

Made in Chelsea Top Story What on Earth are MIC's Spencer and Jamie doing under that duvet? "There's penis everywhere!"
Jamie Laing reveals that Spencer Matthews is currently making up for being in a relationship for a year. Made in Chelsea Jamie: 'Spencer is happier single' Don't expect Mark-Francis Vandelli to have an on-screen romance any time soon. MIC's Mark-Francis on "tacky" co-stars "I tried to do a magic trick. That went really badly wrong." Jamie Laing is doing Celebrity First Dates Fran warns new cast members that they will get "chewed up and dropped" like she was. Made in Chelsea's Fran: 'Binky's brainwashed' Jamie Laing is dressed as a lemon! And wait - is Richard Dinan back? Watch the bonkers Made in Chelsea trailer The duo are collaborating on Cristian's upcoming music EP. MiC's Andy is teaming up with BB's Cristian He thinks it would be "hilarious - all of us surfing and catching octopuses". Jamie Laing wants Made in Chelsea: Australia Jamie Laing says his "best buddy" Spenny hasn't told him he's quitting. Spencer might not be quitting Made in Chelsea Reports suggest Spencer Matthews is also getting his own spinoff series. Stevie J is leaving Made in Chelsea Gabriella is back and loads of other amazing stuff from the City of Angels. Made in Chelsea LA: 14 best bits The reality TV star shares a candid extract from her memoir detailing her addiction and arrest. MiC's Stephanie Pratt on past crystal meth addiction Jamie goes down the classic route for his first date with Naz by taking her to the cinema. Fresh, boi. Watch Jamie put on the moves in a new MIC clip We'll see him in the last episode of Made in Chelsea: LA. Ollie Locke is returning to Made in Chelsea Wait, Mark-Francis actually has a storyline? Made in Chelsea LA: 10 best bits Naz Gharai, Bryan Mione, Cody Weselis, Noah Bewley and Olivia Fox are all here to stir things up. There are new stars for Made in Chelsea: LA Former Celebrity Big Brother stars cameo in scene with Stephanie Pratt and Lucy Watson. First look: Heidi & Spencer join MiC cast Will Jamie instantly forget that he has a girlfriend upon landing in the States? 13 things we want in Made in Chelsea: LA Reality TV star has firm plans about where he wants his career to go after Made in Chelsea. Jamie Laing wants his own TV travel show Reality TV star explains the difference between a 'bro' and a 'boi' among other conundrums. Jamie Laing looks back on MIC after 100 eps Louise is crying again, Jess and Jamie are smooching, and Proudlock's hair is frankly bizarre. Made in Chelsea: 14 best bits The reality TV star seemingly photobombed his girlfriend's selfie by dropping his towel. MiC Alex Mytton naked in Instagram photo? From Jennifer Lawrence to Chris Pratt: A-listers who love our reality telly. A-listers who love British reality TV Lauren brings back bonking, Lucy and Stephanie make us weep and Sam's dating. Made in Chelsea: 16 best bits E4 is also staging a Chelsea takeover to mark 100 episodes. Made in Chelsea: LA is coming to E4 Stephanie's caught in the middle and Alik is happy again (hooray!) Made in Chelsea: This week's 15 best bits Andy finds out being a player is not all it's cracked up to be - and Lucy Watson returns. Made in Chelsea: This week's 16 best bits Stephanie and Lauren aren't friends (shock) and Spencer can't stop saying "key". Made in Chelsea: 13 best bits this week Everyone hates each other. Hooray! Made in Chelsea recap: 16 best bits Lucy Watson explains that she has no plans to quit the show any time soon. Made in Chelsea: Lucy Watson WILL be back Andy's sharking, Spenny's quaking, Binky's rutting - and there are loads of newbies. Made in Chelsea: 15 things we loved The Made in Chelsea star says he's "very happy and very in love". Spencer Matthews on giving up alcohol Take our fiendish forgotten Chelsea characters quiz to prove yourself... Are you a Made in Chelsea superfan? Who called Spencer a "slimy f**ker"? Who thinks Nandos is a wine bar? And more! Made in Chelsea stars take our series quiz Five new cast members for the upcoming series were announced earlier today. Watch Made in Chelsea's series 9 trailer Friends of Andy Jordan, Jamie Laing and Binky Felstead will join series nine. Meet the new Made in Chelsea castmembers Made in Chelsea star deletes his social media account after being targeted by hackers. MIC's Alik deletes Twitter after hacking She seemingly deleted the tweet that was posted to her 500,000 followers. Did Louise Thompson post exposed boyfriend? Barnardo's paid the reality star £3,000 to promote its work on Instagram. Binky Felstead to waive Barnardo's fee Made in Chelsea star camouflages himself in the tomato crates for Red Nose Day. Watch Spencer Matthews Comic Relief prank Hosts Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy had to apologise for the bad language. Spencer Matthews drops F-bomb on live TV