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Made in Chelsea

Made in Chelsea Top Story Made in Chelsea's Fran: 'Stevie and Stephanie have so much history' The reality star approves of Stevie and Stephanie reconnecting in New York City.
From a surprise hook-up to Stevie getting his comeuppance, it's all going on. Made in Chelsea: New York - 22 best bits Stevie has to choose between two women; Alik and Jules continue to freak us out. Made in Chelsea: New York - 27 best bits Davina McCall will host a couple of special celebrity editions of the Channel 4 show. Made in Chelsea stars for Million Pound Drop Reality star says he would love to reunite with best friends Binky and Cheska. Ollie Locke wants Made in Chelsea return Rosie ruins Jules, Louise kisses Alik, and Billie is the centre of attention. Made in Chelsea: New York - 28 best bits Stephanie gives some hints that she's moved on from Spencer to George Gilbey. CBB: Stephanie on Spencer Matthews split Life drawing. Fights over a girl. A surprise return. We round up all the action! Made in Chelsea: New York - 33 best bits We are baffled by Jules, Binky faces Alex, Jamie weeps and Spencer rides a bike. Made in Chelsea: New York - 21 best bits Vaguely creepy yoga sessions, rude encounters and brunch parties - what happened? Made in Chelsea: New York - 21 best bits Spencer Matthews and Dan Osborne feature in big reality TV turnout  for action premiere. It's TOWIE vs Chelsea at Expendables premiere The spin-off sees Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson relocated to the Big Apple. When is Made in Chelsea: New York on TV? The Made in Chelsea gang advertise their new "flagrance"... and Jamie gets naked. Watch the Made in Chelsea: NY trailer The former Made in Chelsea star will take over from Katie Price's ex. Ollie Locke teams up with male strippers The model will set teenage girls fashion challenges in the new PopGirl show. Made in Chelsea's Ashley gets own show Jonathan Ross says he really likes TOWIE stars like Amy Childs and Joey Essex. Who is Jonathan Ross calling a dick? The Made in Chelsea star follows spider-bitten Jamie into America's hospitals. Made in Chelsea's Binky ends up in hospital Alex and Binky give a furious speech; Jamie is ridiculous; Fordy and Louise kiss. Made in Chelsea: Finale recap in pictures Reality star also speaks about the upcoming New York series and her fashion career. Lucy Watson: 'I don't know I look like a bitch' Jamie Laing ends up in hospital after being bitten by a spider, the poor thing. Made in Chelsea Jamie in spider bite drama Cheska and Binky's friendship suffers even more; Jamie causes yet more drama. Made in Chelsea: Recap in pictures Jamie Laing hasn't told Riley that he loves her yet. Should she be offended? Made in Chelsea: Who does Jamie love? Binky falls out with Cheska and Lucy; Lucy falls out with Jamie; there's golf. Made in Chelsea: Recap in pictures Binky Felstead competes in a dancing competition in a cheesy new video. Watch Made in Chelsea's Binky in music video Everyone's swapping saliva-sharing partners in this week's instalment from SW3. Made in Chelsea: Recap in pictures Has Spencer made the cut? Will Binky and Alex reunite in the Big Apple? Made in Chelsea: Who'll be in New York? DS recaps the Chelsea action as someone gets slapped (but no-one gets tickled.) Made in Chelsea: Recap in pictures Reality star appears in promo video for his new single 'Geography'. Watch Andy Jordan's new music video Will Binky and Alex reunite? Will Lucy and Louise kill each other? DS recaps. Made in Chelsea: Recap in pictures The reality star predicts that the E4 series will win a second BAFTA. Made in Chelsea: Will it get a series 8? Can you ever just be friends with your exes? Spencer and Louise fill us in. Made in Chelsea: Spencer and Louise talk to us Binky Felstead is the first cast member confirmed for the upcoming spinoff. MiC's Binky to appear in New York series The most awkward holiday ever takes place in Venice; Binky is getting over Alex. Made in Chelsea: Recap in pictures Hollywood actress shares her love of British reality shows on US chat show. Emma Stone praises MIC, TOWIE on US TV Stephanie Pratt is back in town, and Alex and Binky wonder about their future. Made in Chelsea: Recap in pictures Sony's Xperia Z1 Compact will start being shown in episodes of the E4 series. Sony for Made in Chelsea product placement The truth comes out about Alex and Binky, and Spencer gets knocked back. Made in Chelsea: Recap in pictures Who is Robbo? How is Sam suddenly entertaining? Did Alex cheat? DS recaps. Made in Chelsea: Recap in pictures Which newbie has a house in Verbier? Which one has modelled for L'Oreal? Made in Chelsea: Meet Riley and Emma Amazing Spider-Man star is amazed by Gemma Collins's "candy" threats to Arg. Watch Emma Stone imitate Gemma Collins Did Alex cheat on Binky? When did Spenny and Alex begin their bromance? DS recaps. Made in Chelsea: Premiere in pictures