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BBC denies 'Who' betting irregularities

BBC denies 'Who' betting irregularities


The BBC has denied knowing anything about an alleged coup to win money from betting on the identity of the 11th Doctor.

Bookmaker Paddy Power slashed its odds on Matt Smith being named the new Time Lord from 33-1 to 10-1 ahead of Saturday's announcement, suggesting that the 26-year-old's casting was known by some in advance.

Paddy Power's Darren Haines told PA: "For such an unknown name as Matt Smith to go from 33-1 to 10-1 suggests there were obviously people who did know.

"However it wasn't widespread, so it wasn't enough to set our alarm bells ringing, otherwise he would have crashed in as favourite."

While bets were still being placed on David Morrissey, Paterson Joseph and James Nesbitt, Haines added that money wagered on Smith was "enough to suggest there were people out there who knew, but I certainly wouldn't describe it as a betting coup".

A spokeswoman for the BBC said: "The BBC has no knowledge of anyone betting on the outcome of the identity of the 11th Doctor."

Smith will begin his tenure as The Doctor in 2010, taking over from David Tennant.

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