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It's all about the January


Ann-Marie: "Do you know if any station is going to pick up the Ellen Degeneres talk show? I got to see a couple of episodes when in New York last year and I've been hoping sky would show it - any chances?"

Neil: No, they haven't, the fools. Other notable omissions right now include Maury Povich and Jerry Springer (although I suspect with him it's a cost issue).

Hayley: "Will ITV be showing a new third series of Rosemary and Thyme, in the near future?"

Neil: Yep, from the New Year. Among the storylines in the new series, the girls are reconstructing an old Moorish garden near Malaga when a local resident inconsiderately drops dead and, while working on a tennis club garden, a player falls from a balcony after an evening on the lash.

Dee Caprio: "When speaking with my dad (Rhode Island, USA) He has been raving about a show/series called "Over There"! He said it is awesome! When will it be Over Here!!!!!! Thank you for all your updates! You are "Da Man"!"

Neil: Sky One. January.

Lee B: "Any news if Commander-In-Chief will be shown in the UK? Geena Davis as the first female president, how can it not be great!"

Neil: No update, although More4 is still your best bet.

Dave Bedwell: "Any chance you could find out when Channel 4 intend to show the third series of That'll Teach 'Em that was filmed this summer please."

Neil: February!


Neil: If you're angry now, I dread to think how mad you'll be when you find out it's been cancelled...

Alastair Knights: "When I was in New York recently I went to a taping of the new Martha Stewart chat show and was wondering is the show ever going to appear on British TV? I think it could do well as it's easy going and has a good mix of chatting and cooking, or do you think it's too American for British audiences? Also is The View ever gonna come to UK TV - I know its basically a US version of Loose Women - but the guests are so much better!"

Neil: No and no, for the reason you identify - it's aimed at an American audience. That said there is a gap in the market for airing US talk shows here (ITV2 can't show them all and Living has given up) so who knows what may happen in the future.

Nick: "ITV's Afterlife was one of the best dramas i've seen on ITV for a while. I'm sure the viewing figures were pretty good. Do you know if ITV plans to make a second series? I know the ending intended to make it look like Alison Mundy (Lesley Sharp) had died but then she twitched a bit in that "I could still be alive" way! Leslie and Andrew Lincoln just worked so well together... Love to see another series."

Neil: Good news - ITV has confirmed that the show will be back in 2006. It's probably therefore a safe bet that she lives.

Marion: "I've just moved here from the US. Can you please tell me when and on which channel will season two of these shows start in the UK? I haven't been able to find this information on the internet... House, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Lost and also Without a Trace although it's not the second season."

Neil: Welcome to our shores, dear Marion. Check out (respectively) Five/Hallmark, Living TV, Channel 4, Channel 4 and Channel 4. Unfortunately there's a delay of at least four months (usually longer) before the new seasons premiere here so you'll have to wait a while for each. DH will be the first to bow its second season in January.

Neil: I'll end by killing a whole flock of birds with one rather large stone and sharing some tidbits from the Winter schedules, which are now coming out thick and fast:

  • Bones, starring David Boreanaz, will premiere on Sky One on Thursday, January 12

  • The excellent Supernatural will air on ITV2 (not ITV4, as originally expected) from the New Year, as will Surface

  • Channel 4/E4 has slated both Invasion and the new season of Smallville for January

  • Due South will be back on UK screens. Well, reruns at least. The Canadian comedy-drama airs on ITV3 from 2006.

  • Meanwhile, ITV4 has picked up 24-a-like The Inside and fugitive drama Wanted

  • New Battlestar Galactica begins Tuesday, January 10 at 9pm on Sky One while new Malcolm in the Middle premieres on New Year's Day

  • More next Saturday!
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